Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine

its so funny how things change SO much when you have a baby. i mean, if you think about it, every aspect of your life changes. but i think every (loving) mother would agree that it definitely changes for the better. i mean, i wouldn't dare go back to my life before kids. not for one second of freedom, romantic get aways or sleep. marriage is just better when you add kids. trust me.

pre-baby i wasn't much of a Valentine's girl. i've never been the mushy touchy feely type. i do value feeling appreciated & loved but i don't need a gift every week or a dozen roses every other day to know that my husband loves me. nothing wrong with wanting those things. it's just not my love language. i would MUCH rather Ben express his love to me by acts of service. i mean, if he: cleans a dirty diaper, gives the kids a bath by himself, gets up early with them so i can sleep in, takes them to Target or the play ground just to give me some quiet time or does the laundry, that shows me that he loves me. because he wants to help me, care for me & share in this crazy journey of marriage & family. and let me just say: my hubs has done all these things & more. he is uh-mazing.

now that i have had 2 babies, been married 4 years, & been in ministry work for over 7 years, i appreciate acts of service even more. BUT that being said, i do appreciate the occasional rose bouquet, date night or happy. its just plain fun to get those things. but, what i really want for Valentine's Day is to be with my family. seriously. i just want a home cooked meal, my hubby & my kids. best night ever. a night in the house. loving on my family. greatest VDay gift, ever.

this year was no exception. Ben & I didn't exchange gifts or get a date night, due to our lack of funds. but we did get to spend the day with our kids. the weather was gorgeous, my kids behaved & to top it off we got a last minute call from the in-laws to come over for a home made italian dinner (um, YES please!) we had a blast.

hubs & i do still want that date night. but we have to wait a couple more weeks. money just doesn't grow on trees, yet. i'm working on it.

here are a few pics from our sweet Valentine's Day:

this is what Jovie wore to church on sunday, the 13th. so cute. i found the shirt at old navy for $1.99 & my friend, Katherine, monogramed it for me! the skirt came from Once Upon A Child for $1 and the tights were from Auntie Britt. normally, i don't give out the price tag of our clothing but i was so excited about this cute & thrifty outfit for my girl!

i made Shannon's version of the Muddy's Tomboy cupcake. oh my word. delish. i only had 1 bite (literally) b/c i'm counting my calories. but they are incredible. thanks to shannon for the recipe! they were a hit at small group, so i made them again for Vday weekend!

we played outside, a ton. the weather was perfect!

my favorite little boy. and sweet little valentine.

getting Jovie to look at the camera, at the right time is nearly impossible! ha!

don't you just love her outfit? little girls are WAY too fun to dress. thanks to Britt for this adorable shirt she got for Jovie's birthday! we love it!

i just love her profile. i could just eat those little cheeks up.

i love my family. i do think its funny that my Valentine's Day has changed so much over the years. but its only gotten better!!

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Shannon said...

I'm so glad you made those cupcakes. Aren't they yummy. And Jovies outfits are precious. I"m jealous of little girls clothing. I'm praying that Shawn has a little girl one day that I can spoil!