Friday, February 11, 2011

Grizzlies Game

we try, really hard, to have a family date night once a week. whether we sit at home, watch tv & eat dinner or go out, we try to make it a priority. we want our kids to know that, for us, spending time with them is so important & something we love to do. we want to invest in them. every chance we get. and i love our family nights. we have a blast. making memories with them is so much fun!

some people think that I (or we) am crazy for going & doing so much with a 1 yr old & 2 yr old. i get some crazy comments. but i'm not about to sit at home just b/c they are so busy & so close in age. they are a blast!

Ben's parents have season tickets to the Memphis Tigers & Memphis Grizzlies games. so, we are able to get tickets pretty often. we decided to take the kids to their 2nd Grizzlies game & we had so much fun. we have learned that we can only stay until half time b/c that is about the time they start getting bored & irritable. but, they do great the first half! so, we enjoy taking them!

they were great at this game. i brought plenty of snacks, juice & toys for them to keep them entertained! we had so much fun & we look forward to taking them again soon!

pics from their 2nd game:

Jack spent most of the game sitting with me or Ben. he wasn't to thrilled with the loud noises!

Jovie spent most of the game getting into whatever she could find in the diaper bag or on the floor! yuck!

miss priss. i was surprised with how well she did during the game!

for some reason i was thinking i had more pictures. oh well. we still had fun!

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