Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

winter has been crazy around Memphis. we have had so much snow & ice. and i must admit, i love it. i love a good excuse to have a hot dinner in the crock pot & snuggle with my family in our home. its just fun. i am definitely not a hot weather girl. i get tired of the heat & humidity by june. so, i'm relishing in these cold days.

i am looking forward to Jack & Jovie being able to play outside come Spring. but for now, we are having fun playing in the snow!!

a few pics from our snow days:

at Kroger, preparing for the snow storm!

so pretty!

so many kids 0utside playing!

our van was covered!

sweet girl loved the snow

she wasn't afraid to dive right in there, but her little hands got cold, fast!

Jack really wanted to stay outside all day & play

we walked over to see our friends, Mac & Sara. they let Jack play in the back of their truck and he loved loved loved it!

he thought he was big stuff in that truck

so sad to come inside to warm up

we had such fun snow days this year! thankful for a real winter, hopefully to be followed by a lengthy spring!

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