Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I Eat

this whole "trying really hard to eat right, exercise & count calories" thing has been fun. can you believe i said that?! ha! i have actually really enjoyed it. i look forward to my weekly weigh in, so that i can see how much progress i've made. and i don't mind exercising anymore, its become a habit, just something else i do in my daily routine. that is the most shocking part to me!!

when i first started this journey, i thought it would be a stressful, monotonous process. i knew i would hate it, grow tired of it quickly & maybe it just wouldn't work for me. but, i was wrong. i am discovering that i can eat the things i love & crave. i have the freedom to eat whatever i want, but i need to have a healthy balance.

so, a couple people have asked me what sort of things i am eating. it does change from day to day. we do a lot of eating out with ben's family, eating pizza at small group every sunday night, or lunches with people from church. but, when i am home, i do have a few staples i like to keep around the house.

i want to do a post soon about what exactly it is i've been doing, day in & day out, to drop the weight, but for now, i'll stick with a few of my current fave food items. and as i keep going down this road, i plan on sharing more & more recipes & foods that i have found that are healthy, yummy & friendly to calorie counting.

a few food faves:


i LOVE this bread. i usually have 2 slices. sometimes i add some fat free cream cheese to it. its yummy & only 160 calories! my kids & hubby really love it too. it has become a grocery staple at our house. it's not the cheapest bread, so i usually look for a coupon or buy it at Costco.

special K cereals are great. there are so many varieties & they are calorie friendly. red berries is my current fave. i can usually find coupons for this too.

i am definitely my mother's daughter. i have come to love coffee. i drink it about 4 mornings a week. but, it can get crazy with the calories. so, i found the sugar free creamers & i love them. only 15 calories per tablespoon. which is great. this flavor is yummy.


this is a sandwich round. my MIL introduced me to them. they are great. multi-grain & VERY calorie friendly. each round has 2 slices & it is a total of 100 calories! love. so, if i'm craving a good turkey sandwich, this is the way to go, for me. i get these at Costco too, but Kroger does have them.

several days a week, i eat a Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, or Healthy Choice frozen meal. don't get me wrong, some of them are terrible. really terrible. but i have found several that are pretty good. and its the perfect portion for lunch. i like this flavor a lot, but the Smart Ones version of it is even better. its really easy to find coupons for these, so when they are on sale, i use my coupons & stock up.


this is where i have the most variety. i have several recipes that i have learned how to make more calorie friendly. so, i'll share those soon. but when we're have what i call "simple supper" then i'll make myself & the hubs a yummy salad.

i like to fill my salad with lots of yummy veggies. i use, tomato, cucumber, red & green bell peppers & broccoli. i also toss in some cheese, croutons & salad finishers. (nuts, cranberries, apples, feta or blue cheese crumbles).

this is my favorite salad dressing. its not too heavy & it has a great flavor. but, it isn't the most calorie friendly. however, i usually have plenty of calories left at dinner time & so i can splurge on this dressing. its around 150-250 calories per serving, depending on how much you like to use. but, i think a little goes a long way. but, it is more calorie friendly than a ranch or blue cheese dressing.


it is important to snack during the day. it keeps your metabolism working & burning fat. but, you need to pick the right kind of snack. cake, doesn't count. unfortunately! ha!

i love cheese. so, string cheese is a good snack for me. most of them are around 80 calories per serving, which is great.

i love frozen fruit. so much. in fact, when i'm pregnant (i'm not, right now) i eat it by the pound! i usually buy a huge bag at Costco & it lasts me for a good long while. its a great snack option. i put a little in sandwich bags & pop it in the fridge at night so its thawed out the next morning. it's pretty calorie friendly & it tastes delish!


i don't have dessert every day. but, i do have it often. and the Weight Watcher's line of dessert is pretty much the only kind i ever have. Skinny Cow is good too. i love this flavor. it is only 60 calories per bar & it seriously tastes like home made strawberry ice cream. crazy crazy good.

when i need a chocolate fix, this is my go to dessert. man alive, this is good. after my kids go to bed, i sit on the couch with the hubs, watch TV and enjoy a little chocolate. perfect end to my day. i have also found coupons for the Weight Watchers desserts on i must admit that they aren't the cheapest thing to buy. BUT, its totally worth it to me. all of the flavors are great & it feels good to reward myself for working so hard during the day to eat right!

so, there we go. a few things i eat. to be honest, this process has NOT been a burden. i don't feel deprived of things that i love. and i definitely feel better. eating a ton of processed, fatty foods makes you feel gunky, funky and yuck. if we go out to eat & i'm craving pasta, i get it. but i watch my portions, try to pick the healthier pasta, ask for whole wheat noodles & then i come home & exercise to counter my calories. trust me: if i can do this then anyone, and i mean anyone can do it too!! hopefully, i've been a little helpful.

happy eating!

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just the two of us! said...

ryan takes those lean cuisines for work when he doesn't have leftovers to bring! he loves those enchilada ones! the cheese ravioli and the beans and rice one are good too! also, try the salad dressing made by Hendricksons. It's only sold at kroger. it's called hendricksons sweet vinegar and olive oil. it's amazing and the only salad dressing i eat now. It's gluten free and only has 70 calories per every 2 tablespoons. i usually eat it in a salad with wedges of tomato and cucumber and sun-dried tomato feta cheese! its RIDICULOUS.