Thursday, March 31, 2011

March in Pictures

we've had a fun month! i tried to snap as many pics as possible, but i do need to get better about that! looking forward to a fun April together!

here a few fun photos from the random things we did this month!

and this is why we call her "sassy"

so much drama

and such a sweet little smile

its so hard to get Jack to look at the camera w/o putting his hands in his mouth!

Ben surprised us with some Muddy's!

she has NO fear

so proud of herself!

riding the horsey at the mall

and of course, Jack doesn't look at the camera!

one saturday night i was painting my toenails for church the next morning. Jovie was so infatuated. she sat in my lap & let me paint her little toenails hot pink!! so cute!

playing with Woody! (we had to buy 2 b/c it caused soo much trouble to just have one. ha!)

we've made a few trips to yogurt mountain & yolo. Jack loves chocolate yogurt the most.

i bought Jovie this hat at target for $1. she loves to play with hats. but Jack wanted to wear it all through the store! ha!

he got a little embarrassed when i told him it was just for girls!

Jovie always falls asleep in the car

Jack, not so much. he loves to watch Toy Story while we ride.

we've been to Grace Playce at Bellevue, several times. Jack & Jovie love it!

we're sad that its taking a break for summer! it starts back up in the fall & if we have moved by then, i will make the drive for this. such a good outlet for Jack.

sweet girl loves to play with all the big bouncy balls

and Jack loves the easter eggs!

somedays i just can not believe that everyday i get to wake up & take care of my kids. such a dream come true. i realize i am very blessed to be able to do this & it is worth every single sacrifice we are making. so thankful for my children.

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