Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jovie's 1st Haircut

my girl has always had a ton of hair. she came out with a head full of black hair. and i LOVED it. since birth, it has definitely gotten lighter. its almost a strawberry blonde now, which i love even more than the blonde. it reminds me of my sister, Lindsay's, hair. and i love that too. in fact, Jovie looks a lot like Lindsay did at this age. chunky legs, chubby cheeks, big eyes & strawberry blonde hair. i love that.

anywho. Jovie's hair has gotten so long recently. and it was beginning to flip out in the back & on the sides & the length wasn't completely even either. which drives me nuts. i don't want to be caught up in her image but i also don't want her to look like the poster child for mullets.

so, i decided to give it a trim. all by myself. which was oh so risky, if you know Jovie. she is the busiest baby that the good Lord has ever created. but i distracted her with food. (which works every time in her case! ha!) i just trimmed up the back to make it even, trimmed up the sides (maybe a little too short) and barely touched the front, just to even it up. i think it turned out pretty cute!!

i trimmed it up around the 2nd week in March, and it is already back to its original length, maybe longer. my children can grow some hair!

here are some pics of her cute little sassy do:

i LOVE the way the back turned out. so sweet.

i'm sure i won't always be able to trim or hair but i loved getting to do it for her first cut. besides, i'm cheap! ha!

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