Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easters Past

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my friend, Ashley, did a cute post about Easters past with her cute family. i loved it. and it was so fun to look at how her family has grown! so, i thought i would steal her idea & do a post about our past Easters!

Easter 2009

my sweet boy. Jack was almost 6 months old. doesn't he look so sweet?! i miss him being this little!!

me and Jack!

my 2 favorite boys!

our little family of 3. such a sweet time in life!

Easter 2010

my beautiful Jovie on her first Easter. she was 10 weeks old. she got to wear my Easter dress and that was so special to me! doesn't she look precious?!

my two little loves. Jack was 17 months old. how did i survive in those days?! ha! i actually miss this time in life!

our family Easter pic. i hate how tired & frumpy i look. plus, i was about 30 lbs heavier here. but oh well, that is all in the past! at least my hubby & children look adorable!

Easter 2011

i love this picture. so true to their personalities. Jack is 2.5 years old & Jovie is 15 months! i can not believe how big they are in this photo. but, we are having SO much fun with them.

this photo isn't the greatest quality. but it was taken indoors with my iphone, so go figure. and getting them both to look at the camera in unison is next to impossible! ha! they looked so cute in their green!!!

looking forward to Easter 2012 and what it will hold for our little family!

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