Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

we had such a wonderful Easter Sunday. it was our first Easter Service for Revision Church. such a special time for us. and it went beautifully. the guys did a fantastic job with the service, it was different than our regular services, and everyone really enjoyed it. i can't wait to do a blog post about it, once we get pictures edited & posted to our church website. Jesus was glorified & we are thrilled with how it all came together.

as a family, we had a sweet day. i really didn't feel as stressed or worn out as i was expecting to feel. we enjoyed the day & the kids behaved really well. which is a blessing! i spent the morning getting the kids ready for church. Ben's aunt & uncle came in town for the holiday & wanted to come to our church, so Ben's parents brought them. after church, we headed over to the Williams house for lunch. we spent the afternoon there & then headed home. my family didn't get together this year b/c they had church that evening. we hated not getting to spend time with them. but we are looking forward to Mother's Day because we know we'll all be together!

(some of these pictures were taken indoors with my iphone so the quality is not great. makes me sad. going to put the kids back in their Easter clothes & try to get some good pictures!)

i loved their little Easter outfits!

we had such a fun day!!

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