Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Loss: Week 13

i am a little over 3 months into my weight loss journey. in some ways it has flown by b/c we are so busy around here, but in other ways i feel like i've been doing this forever. i can say that it has actually been pretty fun for me. i've loved finding new ways to cook, bake, snack, exercise & eat. and its been fun to weigh in each week & see how much weight i have lost. most of my clothes are too big so i've been able to use some birthday money to get a few new things. and that is super fun! i can't tell too much difference in my body, when i see myself undressed, but Ben says he can definitely see a change. and so that is comforting.

my favorite thing about this experience is that i can literally eat whatever i want. i know that sounds too good to be true, like something you would hear on any weight loss infomercial on tv. but its true. i have just learned how to count the calories in my portions & exercise to burn some of it off. i eat: yogurt mountain, pizza at small group, mexican, italian, chocolate, bbq & anything else that sounds yummy. i can make a recipe, enter on my app or website & figure out exactly how many calories are in each serving. i also have a couple apps on my iphone that tell me how many calories are in specific foods from certain restaurants. its really been a lot easier than i expected.

i use the LoseIt & MyFitnessPal apps. you can also use the websites for free. they have been life savers for me. i use both of them, every single day. its so easy. i just eat breakfast, log my calories. eat lunch, log my calories. eat dinner, log my calories. snack, log my calories. and when i exercise, i log calories burned. sometimes i do forget & have to log my calories at the end of the day, but it still works out the same. now that i've been doing this for 3 months, i have a pretty good idea about calories vs portion control. and i eat a lot of the same food through out the week, so i remember the calories.

i have lost 24 lbs thus far. i have 6 lbs to go before i reach my first goal: 30 lbs. then i'm going to set another goal for 25 lbs. once i reach that, i'll take it 5 lbs at a time. i'm confident i can do this. it will take time, but it can & will be done! my goal is for all of 2010 to be spent working on my weight loss & exercise. that way, by Christmas (hurry, please) i'll be in so much better shape & ready for the new year!

i am not nearly brave enough to post my starting weight, maybe after i drop several more pounds i'll have the gumption for that. but i do plan to start logging my inches lost. a friend asked me to post before & after pics of myself. which is a pretty good idea. but i don't know how many i have of just me, full length. ha! in fact, i don't have any!! but i'll see if i can come up with something! i think if you see me in person, you might be able to tell some difference.

foods i eat:
* special k cereals, very calorie friendly & yummy. my faves are red berries & cinnamon pecan
* healthy choice frozen meals. i eat a lot of these for lunches. i can buy them in bulk at costco. and i can always find coupons for them on or
* weight watchers desserts. i like these b/c they are good & there is a lot of variety.
* minute maid frozen lemonade. so yumm. and only 100 calories each serving
* crystal light. or the kroger/target brand. i drink this when i get bored with water. ha!
* coke zero, cherry coke zero or diet coke. if i have a hankering for soda or caffeine, this is my go to
* coffee. i buy the fat free or sugar free creamers. it really helps to cut down calories
* pasta. i cook with organic sauce or tomatoes, & whole wheat noodles. i use reduced fat cheeses & as any veggies as i can. i several yummy recipes for these types of dishes
* i try to buy the 100 calorie packs of snacks. when i can. but if i can't, i just look at the nutrition label on the box & count up the calories
* salad. i love to keep it around the house for lunch or a quick dinner.
* bread. i buy the sandwich rounds. they are 100 calories each. or the wheat tortillas for a wrap.

for all of my recipes, i just try to buy the most calorie friendly options. i allow myself the most splurge around dinner time.

for exercise:
* zumba, twice per week. there are so many different class options in Memphis that i have plenty to choose from.
* walking or jogging around my apartment complex at night after my kids are in bed. i feel pretty safe here, so this isn't a problem.
* wii fit. i haven't done as much of this lately b/c i got burned out on it. i was doing it every day for about an hour. for a total of 8 weeks. i still do it, but maybe 3 times per week.
* walking the green line at Shelby Farms. i take my kids & we walk about 2 miles. great exercise & fun. i burn great calories doing this.
* zoo. we just got a membership. walking around the zoo for 2 hours, pushing a stroller, burns about 6oo+ calories!
* treadmill. i go to a local church that allows us to use it for free or i use the one at my MIL's house. i burn about 400 calories an hour doing this.

any activity such as cleaning or walking through the mall, i just log on my apps. and i get calorie credit!!

i try not to eat past 8pm but it doesn't always happen. i go for 1 helping of something, 95% of the time. i just make smarter choices. if i know we will be eating out that night & i want to eat good then i'll try to exercise a little extra that day so i can do that. i usually have plenty of calories left over at the end of the day. i don't deprive myself. if i come with 100 calories of my daily goal, i'm fine with that. i don't stress when i cut it close, i just allot for more work out time that week.

i plan on doing this type of thing for the rest of my life. i think its totally manageable & really easy. i look forward to getting the exercise. i love losing weight. and i feel 100% better. my self confidence is still not what it could be, but i'm getting there. i honestly have 0 complaints about all of it. i tried every single thing, in years past, to lose weight & keep it off. and NOTHING has worked like this. nothing. losing weight is possible. it just takes discipline & time. i will NEVER go back to my previous weight. not possible.

i hope this is encouraging to someone. it can be done. and i would be happy to answer any detailed questions. i am not Jillian Michaels, but i am working hard & eating better. if i can do this, anyone can do this. i even plan on sticking with it during my 3rd pregnancy (whenever that is) and when i nurse baby #3. its just a healthy way of life.

i'm off to take my kids to the park & enjoy some Yogurt Mountain later tonight with my sweet hubby!


Andrea said...

Good for you girl! What a way to set and reach your goals.

Andrea @

Brittany said...

so proud of you! you can definitely tell1

Shannon said...

I have totally tell that you have lost weight. You are looking great! Keep it up girl.

Ashley Fisher :) said...

great job Auds!!