Friday, April 8, 2011

A Day at the Park

the other day i had to drop off some clothes at a consignment sale in olive branch. and of course, my kids were with me! so, i decided to make a day of it. we went to the church, then to the Olive Branch Park & then we hit up the chick-fil-a drive through on the way home. i love having fun mornings with my kids. making memories with them is so important to me.

some pictures from our fun morning!

sweet girl loves the swings!

oh the many dramatic faces of Jack..........

so much drama

life is hard when you're 2 years old. ha!

finally, a sweet little smile

she giggled the whole time

she always sticks her tongue out! just like dada.

having so much fun

i LOVE this picture!

he loved to take off & explore

and Jovie just wants to push the stroller. everywhere. its a bit of an obsession.

making friends with the ducks

we had to stop when we came across the big rocks b/c Jack loves to climb on them & jump off!

we had such a fun morning!! so thankful for some nice weather so that we can get out & play!

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