Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crock Pot Roast

do you love pot roast?! if not, you are not American. or Southern. or my friend. ok, just kidding. anyways, pot roast is DElish. love. for some reason, i've always been nervous about cooking a good roast. so, i called up my mama & got her recipe for roast. i was floored by how easy & yummy it was to make!! i love that i can make it, freeze it, and eat it later by just thawing it out & adding a little beef broth. so convenient.

here, you go. a yummy & so easy roast recipe!!


2lb roast
1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix (i use kroger brand)
4-6 ounces of water
potatoes (optional) i cook mine separately b/c Ben likes it better that way
crock pot

you can see that this roast is a little over 2 lbs. no big deal. i try to wait until the roasts go on sale at kroger. that way i get them for about $6 each. and then, i'll buy 2 or 3 at once & freeze them.

get out a skillet. drizzle a little oil & brown the roast on both sides.

yuck. i know this does NOT look good. but you just want it to be brown enough to remove the pink. i stand mine on its sides to make sure i get all the pink!

while the roast is browning, add 4-6 ounces of water to the crock pot. i prefer 6 ounces b/c it adds that extra bit of gravy! pour in the packet of lipton onion soup mix & stir.

after you have browned the roast (only takes about 3-4 minutes) add it to the crock pot. cover it with the lid. set on low for 8 hours. or high for 4 hours. (for some reason, i think it just tastes better when you allow it to cook for 8 hours!) i try to flip mine over every couple hours. with about 2 hours cooking time left, i add some cut up carrots (or baby carrots). they cook perfectly into the gravy. so yumm.

after 8 hours, you are left with this crazy yummy roast & carrots! it is so tender & juicy & just falls apart on the fork!

i serve this with cooked sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes & cornbread.

this is truly one of Ben's favorite meals. i love making it for him & my kids gobble it up!


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