Saturday, April 30, 2011

April in Pictures

we had such a fun April! we celebrated my 28th birthday, joined the zoo & visited 3 times, played outside a lot, finally got a new (to us) car & made a ton of fun memories!

bed head & morning cartoons

swinging at the new park at Shelby Farms

checking out the "big boy" swing!

they love to swing together!

i was shocked that he actually went down this slide. normally, he is scared of heights!

our new, to us, car. this is a MAJOR answer to prayer. and we got an incredible deal on it. so thankful!

i read this book. its fantastic. great biblical view & teaching on marriage. read it!

we took a lot of walks at Shelby Farms. Jovie was more interested in pushing the stroller than anything else!

in true little boy fashion, Jack was only interested in splashing in the puddles! he had a blast!

isn't Shelby Farms beautiful?! love it.

watching Cars in our bedroom. and of course, only one kid would look at the camera! ha!

and, there's my girl! too bad Jack's face is blurry!

we had a great April! looking forward to May!!

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Jessica Kenney said...

We have GOT to get together! Coopers out of school now so anyday anytime would work for us!!!

They are so cute!