Friday, May 20, 2011

since we finally seem to have some stable weather around here, we have been spending a lot of time outside. most of the time, we are at the pool because it is SO hot!

a few days ago, i took the kids to my in-laws to swim. before we got in the water, i let them do a little playing outside. Jack & Jovie love to walk around the cove, splash in the puddles & smell the flowers. having toddlers is just so much fun!!!

sweet baby girl. she loves to fun free!

i told him to look at me & smile. so he looked at me & squinted. hilarious.

love this picture. but not loving my sunglasses. they may be a little too big for my face?! ha!

checking out the water puddle

giving sissy some love. so sweet.

loving that they can splash in the water

for some reason my kids LOVE these flowers. i mean, love them! they want to smell them & touch them every time we go over there! maybe i need an azalea bush whenever we get a house?!

he would look at me and say "mmm. smells good, momma!" so adorable.
Jovie mainly just wants to pull the petals off the flowers, give them to me and say "awww" silly girl!!

off for a walk!

my kids are too much fun. love them so much!

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