Saturday, May 14, 2011

sweet days at home

some of my very favorite days are just the days that we stick around the apartment. we play & play, watch a movie, play outside, eat lunch, take naps, go for a walk, cook supper, take baths & go to bed. i love the normalcy of those days. and time spent just loving on my kids & spending time with Ben. so much fun.

i need to snap more pictures on those days. but, i usually forget. that is one of my new year's resolutions that i have just dropped the ball on. (weight loss: check, read more: check, take more pictures: FAIL) oh well!! i'll try to be better!

here are a few pics from our sweet, lazy days at home:

snuggled up on my bed watching Cars.

modeling her new shirt by Auntie Britt.

trying out his new Woody costume!

how cute is this?! Brittany found this for him at a yard sale for $1, and he LOVES it!!

this girlie loves to eat.

hanging out in the tub!

so sweet. its so hard to get her to sit down in the tub.

the cutest boy. loves the water.

so thankful for our times spent together at home. love my family!

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