Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

my oh my. i could literally write for pages & pages about how Ben is such a wonderful father. i'm not kidding. i have never been more proud of him than when i watch him love our kids. it is unbelievable. he has always been a sweet husband but now that we have kids, our marriage is deeper, stronger & more fun. i love him so much more b/c i see what a precious dad he is to Jack & Jovie. they are so blessed to have him.

i think one of my favorite qualities about Ben is his patience. he is WAY more patient than me in every area. its embarrassing. he is so long suffering with our kids. rarely, rarely does he get frustrated with them. he is always willing to play the same game, answer the same questions & chase them for hours. he never turns them away when they want his attention & he NEVER complains about anything. ever. its crazy convicting.

i love the relationship he has with each child. he wrestles with Jack, plays cars & trucks, carries on conversations him, includes him in whatever he is doing, prays with him, spends time with just him, tickles him constantly & encourages him always. and he is so tender with Jovie. he's always complimenting her, kissing & hugging her, chasing her, snuggling with her, playing baby dolls, praying with her, singing to her, including her & protecting her. she is daddy's girl.

i am so thankful for how Ben loves Jesus. i see him spending time in prayer & in the Word every day. he is such a prayer warrior for our kids. he makes plans for their future & provides for their every need. he is so faithful to me & treats me so well. he loves me so much & my kids see that all the time.

this Father's Day i am so thankful for my husband. praying that my kids always understand how much Ben loves them & that they always know how blessed they are to have such a loving, godly father.

Happy Father's Day Babe!! you are a blessing to our family & we love you SO much!!!

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