Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jovie @ 17 Months!

sweet Jovie Claire,
fun, fun, fun. that is absolutely the best word to describe you at this age.
dada & I always talk about how we are just having so much fun with you right now. you are such a happy toddler. you are easy to care for & easy to love!

at 17 months you weigh 22 lbs 13 oz. we just moved you into a size 5 diaper so that we can just buy one size for both you & brother. you are in a size 5 shoe. and your clothes are 18 months. or 12-18 months. we can really tell that you are getting taller & your face seems to be changing just a little bit. you have SO much hair! its a beautiful light brown color & it is everywhere. i constantly try to keep a bow, clippy or hair band in your hair b/c your hair is ALWAYS in your eyes & your dad refuses to let me cut your hair, ha!

you are still a really great eater, but we have found a couple foods that you just aren't interested in eating. you do not like: strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honey dew or deli meat. other than that, you will eat anything. you still love all veggies & your fave fruits are oranges, apples & bananas. i really can't complain about your eating habits!!

your speech (or attempted speech!) has really taken off this month. you can say: mama, dada, water, shoe, uh oh, oh no, hot dog, dog, hat, elevator (this is hilarious), bar (for cereal bar), nana (for banana) & bath. you say a lot of jibber jabber these days, you giggle all the time & you grunt loudly when you are angry or want something.

you are very much a momma's girl. we have really noticed it even more this month. you have always preferred me to everyone but lately, you just will not leave my side. you follow me from room to room. you won't even walk to the car with dada unless i'm walking beside you, holding your hand. pretty sure its just a phase but i'm enjoying all the time & snuggles with you. as i type this, you are sitting in my lap with your paci & blanket, holding on to my arm. you are just the sweetest.

you have begun to notice pictures of people around our home & you try so hard to name everyone in the photo. your favorite is to look at dada's picture & squeal as you say his name. too cute. speaking of dada, you love him. when he gets home, you are so excited. he gives you tons of attention & you love for him to tickle you. i love the sweet little bond the two of you share! and your favorite playmate is definitely Jack. you play so well together. but there are definitely days of fussing & fighting. all together, i am SO thankful that the two of you are so close in age. it has worked like a charm. its just such a blessing to watch you with brother.

you are very attached to your blanket & paci. you have to have them both to go to sleep & you carry blanket all over our house. they pretty much both go with you everywhere. and at this point, i am more than okay with it. your favorite toys are the Woody doll & your push toys. you love your baby doll stroller & shopping cart. you are very good about being able to play with anything & you entertain yourself very well.

you are an excellent sleeper. you are down to one long nap per day. it usually last about 2.5 to 3 hours each day. and you sleep about 11-12 hours at night. you go down without a fight & you even ask to go to bed sometimes. you walk to your bed with your blanket & paci & point to the bed. we know you are ready! you always fall asleep in the car!

we've had such a fun summer with you so far. we are on vacation right now in Ft Myers, FL. we have been to the splash park back home & swimming at Mamie's house several times. you LOVE the water. and you have no fear, which scares me a little bit! ha!

sweet baby, you are just such a blessing. i absolutely love having a little girl. i am praying for you each day. praying you know Jesus at an early age, that you are a girl of purity and that you serve Him every day of your life. being your mother is my greatest joy.

happy 17 months, baby doll. i love you so very much.

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