Monday, June 27, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Day 2

our 2nd day in FL was much sweeter than the first. we had a lot of fun. we woke up, ate breakfast, let the kids play in the condo, made a Publix run, ate lunch and took Jovie swimming while Jack napped.

for dinner we ate at Skip One, a hole in the wall kind of place that serves fried seafood. it is Ben's very favorite place to eat when we come down here. i'm not into seafood so its not my fave but i do love their crab cakes. they are delish. after dinner we took the kids to get Yogurt Mountain. it was Jack's reward for behaving so well last night during his accident.

after dessert we walked around the INCREDIBLE Coconut Pointe Mall. then we went back to the condo, bathed the kids in the sink (b/c of Jack's eye) and put them to bed. Ben & I relaxed by watching Lost before bed.

it was a great 2nd day!!

sweet boy the day after his stitches. his little wound already looked so much better. and of course we had to take Woody on vacation!

sweet Jovie got to go swimming with Dada for a little while. she is too cute in her swimsuit!

Jovie found Mamie's seashell collection and had a blast playing with them. entertainment for each day. i was amazed she never tried to put them in her mouth! ha!

our dinner spot.

dada and Jack at dinner. my 2 favorite boys.

me and Jovie Claire

i love her sweet profile.

we had to take his shirt off while he ate yogurt b/c he makes such a mess! but he LOVES the chocolate yogurt.

our view while we were eating yogurt. how pretty is this?! this lake is in the middle of the mall.

me and Jovie sharing some yogurt.

love spending so much time with my family!

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