Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Day 3

today was so fun. we went to the Miromar Outlet Mall in Ft. Myers. this is THE nicest outlet mall i've ever been too. its really pretty with over 100 stores & several restaurants. i can always find a really, really good deal here, especially for my kids. this year they added a Gymboree outlet & everything was under $10. i could have bought the whole store! ha!

we let the kids play on the playground at the mall & then we headed back towards Coconut Pointe for lunch. we were craving pizza and we ended up at Tony Sacco's. its a coal oven pizza place & it was so yummy. after lunch, we headed back to the condo for naps. we cooked out for supper & then we went for a walk, outside, around the condo grounds.

i have NEVER seen more mosquitos in my life. i'm not kidding when i say that we would walk outside, and instantly have 8 mosquitoes on each one of us. even when we were wearing bug spray. our walk only lasted about 8 minutes b/c Jack & Jovie were getting eaten alive. we later found out that the area had not been sprayed yet (via helicopter) for bugs. it was insane. thank goodness they eventually sprayed.

after our short walk, we went back inside, gave the kids baths & got them ready for bed. we ended the night by watching Lost & relaxing before bed.

such a fun 3rd day!

sweet boy waiting for pizza

hilarious hair.

our yummy pizza. we devoured it.

do i have something on my face?!

he ate a TON of pizza!

we went back to the condo after lunch. isn't the entrance beautiful? i love it.

the Sorrento. our condo. love.

i did her hair a little more crazy b/c it was SO hot outside!

cute girlie

i did some dishes while the kids napped. this is my view from the kitchen sink. amazing.

we grilled out hamburgers & corn for supper. so yummy.

we played at the fountain on our walk

our attempt at a good picture of the kids sitting together.


the best we could do! ha!

we took a quick walk down the sidewalk but the mosquitos were SO bad that we had to go inside. boo!

we love vacation!!

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