Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Random Pics

the rest of the trip i wasn't as diligent about taking pictures every single day. i took them when i could & when i remembered but i spent a lot time just relaxing & having fun with our family.

on day 7, we relaxed at the condo. went to eat lunch at a place called Buffalo Chips (so yummy) and went back to the condo to wait for Tripp, Cris, Nelson, Drew & Jenna. that night we went to eat at Big Al's & then we all went to bed early.

the next day, Jimmie & Frances flew in from Memphis., they got there around lunch time. we went to eat seafood that night at Swan Lake Grille. Jack & Jovie were SO happy to have Mamie & Granddad here.

one morning we decided to go to the Hyatt hotel. its about 1 minute from our condo. we are able to go there & swim anytime because they have a partnership with our condos. Ben's family kept telling us how beautiful & up-scale this hotel is & how we should go check it out. we decided to load up our kids & head over to spend the morning swimming in all of their pools.

we could NOT believe our eyes when we got over there. it was unbelievable. so beautiful. like a caribbean paradise. they had a few slides through waterfalls & even a kiddie slide for the little ones. Jack absolutely loved that part! Cris & Tripp spent their anniversary night there & so we got to go up & see their room too. it was amazing with just incredible views. it was such a fun morning & so nice to be able to relax & do something different with our kids. we loved it.

a few pictures from various days of our vacay:

eating lunch at Buffalo Chips.

me & sweet Jovie Claire.

Jack LOVED playing in the fountain in front of the condo

Jack spent our time in FL sleeping on an inflatable toddler mattress. he did great! he liked to lay Woody down in the bed with him when he took his naps & loved to make sure that Woody was covered up & snuggled. so sweet.

the Hyatt hotel. so Floridian and beautiful.

the view from the balcony of Cris & Tripp's room. GORGEOUS.

the wading pool. so neat & full of kids. Jack & Jovie loved it. you can barely see the 2 slides on the left & right. we only tried the toddler slide. so much fun for Jack.

this waterfall was freezing cold. but so pretty.

have i mentioned how beautiful this place was, also, very crowded!

Jovie had just woken up from her nap & i was taking advantage of her snuggles!

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