Friday, July 1, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Beach Day

Day 6 we spent time at the beach. and then we ate dinner at a small seafood place in Ft Myers followed by dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. mmmmm.

to get to the beach from our condo, we take a shuttle to the dock. then we get on a large pontoon boat, with other guests from our condo & take a fun 15 minute boat ride across the bay & to the beach. we love it. Jack really loved the boat ride & Jovie loved pointing out to the bay & saying "water, water, water!" they both had a great time, we probably could have just ridden the boat back & forth all day & they would have loved it.

once we got to the beach, Jack walked right out to the water & began playing. Jovie was a little more hesitant. she wanted me to hold her most of the time b/c she was a little unsure. she loved being able to splash but she did not love when the tide would come in & splash her. it was hilarious. they both had a great time playing with their beach toys, picking up shells & chasing each other up & down the beach. Jovie got a little fussy the longer we stayed. and the storm clouds began to roll in & brought the rain. we ended up leaving the beach after about 90 minutes. but it was the perfect amount of time for the kids to play. we headed back, scrubbed them down in the shower, fed them lunch & put them down for naps.

for dinner we ate at a small hole in the wall place called The Clam Bake. it was pretty good if you like fried seafood (which Ben LOVES). after dinner we decided we needed some dessert. we remembered that there is a Cheesecake Factory about 20 minutes down the road & we decided to make the drive. totally worth it. we got 3, yes 3, different cheesecakes & we all split it. Jack's very favorite was the Godiva Chocolate cheesecake. and it is divine. the kids absolutely loved getting to eat that much dessert!

Jack & Jovie had so much today & we loved getting to watch them have a good time.

Jovie was a little nervous at first about the boat ride. she wanted me to hold her, not dada. ha!

Jack loved being able to sit in the back of the boat & watch the water spray

Jovie warmed up to the boat ride & even had fun

SO excited!

testing out the water

Jack was sticking his hands as far down into the sand as he could

happy beach baby. at least for now. ha!

playing in the waves

he would make this face every time there was a big wave that crashed on his feet

sweet hugs

poor Jack hated his hat

all the waves would knock her back. she did not love that. but it was pretty funny!

and she's had enough of the water. bless her heart!

me and Jovie at Cheesecake Factory. yes, i'm aware of the poor lighting & poor quality of this picture. but, its the best i could do!

my white chocolate blueberry cheesecake. so yumm.

sweet Jovie & her sweet dada

love him. and he loves the chocolate cheesecake. can you tell?!

a boat ride, the beach, some waves, a nap, and some cheesecake make for a pretty sweet day.

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