Friday, November 11, 2011

playing catch up

oh yuck. its pretty ridiculous how FAR behind i am on my blog. i could blame it on my insanely busy life full of new changes but really, it just comes down to my laziness. i really haven't had much of a desire to blog & when i do i fee so overwhelmed by how far behind i am that i just put it off another day. oh geez.

i was going to try & back blog. starting in august & a few posts for each month until now. but, enter my laziness, i just don't want to take the time to do that. so, i'm going to jot down all the things that have happened since August 1 & go from there. sounds good to me.


* we bought our first home. its perfect for our family. it really feels like it was built just for us & our needs/desires. we are SO very thankful to the Lord for what he has given us in this house. what a blessing. i'll do a separate post about it later. for now, i'll just post a picture.

* we found out on August 22 that we are having another baby. and we are so excited. i am due April 29 and i can not wait to meet this sweet one. we find out the sex of the baby on December 5, just 3 weeks away. i'm going crazy with anticipation. children are such a blessing!


* we moved into our home on the 1st of the month. my dad & i spent the first week redoing my cabinets and to say i love them is an understatement. it was SO much work but it was SO worth it. just the update that they needed. i'll post pictures later.

* on the 7th, our sweet nephew, Bennett was born. it was so much fun to love on him, such a sweet boy.

* on the 24th, we were given a house warming party at our new home. hosted by my closest friends, Brittany & Kathe. it was so sweet for us to have everyone we love in our home. we want this house to be used for ministry & loving on people. we're so excited to have a place, in a city we love, to do just that. we also told everyone that night that we are expecting baby #3!


* Jack turned 3 on the 25th. holy moly. i was not prepared for that. we had a birthday party for him here on the 24th, with all of our family and friends. i will definitely do a separate post on that too. i actually have a fair amount of pictures to share.

* we had a fun halloween on the 31st. the kids went trick or treating in my in-laws neighborhood and got tons of candy. we still have most of it lying around. this is not good for me. ha!


* Ben officiated his cousin's wedding on the 5th, in Jackson, TN. we went down for the weekend. the wedding was really beautiful and we had a great time just getting away, staying in a nice hotel & seeing family.

* tonight we will be with our community group from church doing a service project in our town. and tomorrow night, it is Reid's 1st birthday party. I'm excited!

we have a busy rest of the month planned, full of birthdays, thanksgiving, black friday and christmas preparations. i am really looking forward to the holiday season this year. ok, i always look forward to the holiday season. but i am especially excited to spend it with my family. and to teach my kids about the birth of Christ and why we even celebrate.

i must say how blessed i am by our church. all of our time is spent with these people, just doing with life with them. and it is incredible. never have i experienced such love, biblical fellowship, biblical teaching & true community. the Lord is moving, working & teaching me (and all of us) so much. i am so thankful to be part of it. and it blesses my heart that everyone loves my kids so much. its a big deal to me. i look forward to our worship service & community group meetings each week. i love that Ben loves what he is doing. my heart is full. the Lord's work is just so good.

pregnancy wise, i am doing great. i was pretty sick for about 4 weeks, but now i have my appetite back. and i finally have more energy. i'll be 16 weeks on Sunday. and i felt the baby move for the first time on November 9. pregnancy is draining, duh. but it is so special and i honestly really enjoy it. i'm really looking forward to our ultrasound in 3 weeks and i can not wait to meet this sweet baby in April. i really, really love having babies!

and now i feel SO much better about my blogging. so what if i'm 3 months behind. right?! i'll get there. slowly.

Psalm 126:3
"the LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY!!"


Brittany said...

Yeah for a new house&baby!

Jessica Kenney said...

Welcome back! Love the house and can't wait to find out about the baby! 3 is so fun but definately harder than 2! But you can handle it!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

so glad ur back and I got a little sneak peak into what's goin on with ya'll. :)

camgirls said...
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Dina said...

Congrats on the new house and especially the new baby! How exciting!

a filipina bride said...

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