Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jack's 3rd Birthday

we had Jack's 3rd birthday party on October 24. he turned 3 the next day. we had so much fun. i went with a train theme because (outside of Toy Story) that is what he is really into these days. and it was super easy to run with for the party. i had the invite made on etsy. love how it turned out!! i had Brittany make his shirt & i love how it turned out. then Stephanie Erwin made his his cake and cupcakes. i was SO impressed by her work. it tasted fantastic and looked perfect. i'll be using her again for Jovie's birthday.

we had our family & church family over for the party. it meant so much to me for Jack to be surrounded by the people who really love him and invest in him on a regular basis. we have an amazing family & we have been so blessed to have so many close friends at Revision that truly love our kids & take interest in them. it means the world to me & Jack really loves each of them.

Jack got so many wonderful gifts. he got books, clothes, a backpack, a sleeping bag, a tent, toys and even a homemade pillowcase. definitely enough stuff to keep him busy for awhile! the big gift that we got him was a train table. we saved up extra money & i ended up getting a great deal on it. he has so much fun with it & its big enough that he & Jovie can play together. which is so nice.

the only bummer to the party was that Jack was running a fever. which is so crazy. every single birthday party he's had, he's run a fever that day. so weird. the only thing i can think of is that his birthday always falls around the time the weather starts really changing and he gets a head cold. who knows. but, after i gave him some tylenol he started feeling better and was able to enjoy himself.

overall, it was a perfect night for Jack. i'm SO thankful to have such a sweet and loving little boy. each year with him is more fun and i love getting to spoil him a little bit with a fun birthday party. so thankful for my kiddos.

pictures from the party:

not feeling so hot at this point

Jovie woke up from her nap just in time for the party. sweet girl.

the yummy cupcakes. they were so good and so cute!

this was Jack's favorite one. he noticed the train tracks right off the bat!

pumpkin icing. oh yes.

how cute is this cake?! seriously, i LOVED it! the train tracks around the bottom with Jack's real train was the perfect touch! he was so excited!

loved the clouds!

he got so embarrassed when everyone started singing! so cute.

Jovie did not miss out on the cupcakes. she sat with Lolli and devoured it.

my brother, Ricky, made this pillowcase for Jack. i remember having one like this when i was growing up. i love that Jack has one now. and i hear that Jovie might be getting one soon...

Brittany made Jack this backpack. love it. he will need a larger one and he is outgrowing a diaper bag. Lindsay got him a smaller one with a train on it which is perfect for him too!

Jack's train table. Ben spent all afternoon putting it together. and it was worth it because Jack was so excited to get it!

i love his train shirt. Brittany did a great job and Jack still loves wearing it!

Jack is a true perfectionist. he just can not handle for anything, including toys and food, to not be as they should. so each time that the magnetic train came apart, he got so upset. i think he thought he was breaking it or doing something wrong. he finally figured out that its ok for the train parts to be separated. and now he isn't so hard on himself. he's such a funny kid.

i love his sweet little face. this was after the train fiasco! ha!

and finally a true smile. his little cheesy face.

so thankful for such a great little boy. and so thankful he had so much fun!

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