Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Pictures

i've been doing this for the past couple of years and i love it. its so fun to look back over the months and remember how the Lord has blessed us with so much. 2011 was SUCH a sweet year for our family. so much happened. it was full of new experience and exciting news. and i can honestly say i learned more in 2011 than any year of my life. the Lord taught me so much about ministry, loving people, loving his work and changing my heart attitude about things. i am so thankful.

Jack and Jovie were such a blessing this year. they have grown to be so close and have so much fun together. i am so thankful that they are so close in age. it has been way more of a blessing than a hardship. the Lord always knows best.

excited to see how the Lord will move in 2012. excited to bring another sweet little boy into our family. we are so blessed.



we had a big snow at the apartment

sweet Jovie Claire turned 1!!!

sweet playmates


we had a fun Valentine's Day and went out to eat as a family

we had some unusually warm weather so we played outside

Jack got the Woody doll from Toy Story. and so began his obsession.


i gave Jovie her first hair cut.

we did a lot of swinging at the park

we went to Grace Playce for the first time. we love getting to each week.


we tried out the new park at Shelby Farms

the Lord blessed us with a new car for Ben. thanks to some sweet friends who gave us a great deal and a little money in savings, we were able to pay cash. no monthly payments. that is a huge answer to prayer.

we had a fun Easter with all of our family

Jack and Jovie had their first Egg Hunt

and we took LOTS of walks at Shelby Farms


Jovie mastered the art of feeding herself

i had a sweet Mother's Day

we watched movies in bed

we gave lots of hugs


Katie took some AMAZING pictures of Jack and Jovie

we did lots of swimming at Mamie & Deda's house

Revision Church had its first baptism service

Ben had a fun Father's Day


we flew to Florida for a 2 week vacation. the first week it was just the 4 of us and the second week, Ben's whole family came down to join us.

Jack hurt his eye and had to get 3 stitches. poor baby.

Jack shared meals with friends

and Jovie wore pigtails for the first time


we stayed with Jenna while Mamie and Deda were gone on a cruise

we did some furniture shopping because we put a contract on our house in late July and closed on it in late August.

**we found out on August 22 that we were expecting baby #3. i'll have to upload the picture i have later.


we moved into our first home

my dad & I redid my kitchen cabinets. i LOVE the way they turned out

we told our family friends that baby #3 was on the way!


Jovie got even cuter

Jack turned 3!!!

we dressed up as a Bumble Bee and Woody for Halloween


we took a few walks at Olive Branch park

we went to Chris and Courtney's rehearsal dinner; we traveled to Jackson, TN so that Ben could officiate his cousin's wedding

we had a few family dates just going to dinner. and we had a wonderful Thanskgiving with our families. somehow, i have no pictures from that day. Boo.


we found out that baby #3 is a BOY!!! we have named him Judah Haddon. and we can not wait to meet our sweet Jude!

Jack fell in love with with Lolli's snow globe

we went to the Memphis game

Jovie got to wear her sweet smocked Christmas dress

we baked tons of goodies

we spent Christmas Eve at Mamie and Deda's house

we enjoyed Christmas morning at home

and we had fun opening gifts at Lolli and Poppa's house on Christmas night

** and Ben and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on December 30.

it has truly been an amazing 2011 for us. we praise the Lord for his many blessings. and we pray that we honor him in 2012.

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