Friday, December 30, 2011


today i have been married for 5 years. to my sweet husband, Ben. i could write for pages about how much i love and treasure him. or about how much he has taught me. or just about how thankful i am to have such a godly, loving husband.

i think the resounding thing i have learned from my husband this year, as i have watched him pastor a church, lead a staff and reach our city is GRACE. i swear his middle name should be Grace. i've never met someone who handles people so well. and who is so patient and usually very long suffering with others. including me. he has so much Grace with me and our children. he's so kind, tender hearted and forgiving. he NEVER complains. i mean never. and he treats people with such respect and love. it takes so much to make him angry, he never gives up on anyone and he's always around when someone needs a little extra help or advice. the way he talks to people is so encouraging and he shows true concern for the well being of others. he LOVES our church. really loves it. and he loves the other guys on staff. i'm so impressed by the way he manages them and creates an even playing field for everyone. he has taught me, just by his actions, how to love people. how to always extend grace to them, even in correction. Jesus always shows us more grace than we deserve. who am i to deny grace to anyone?!

i am so thankful for this 5th year of marriage. so thankful that i have been able to sit back and watch Ben's behavior. i can say he is not perfect. i could list out his faults. but i won't. you will never hear me speak ill of him. but i am SO proud of the man i am married to. and so thankful that i can learn from his everyday grace. he has been an encouragement to me in so many ways. and Jesus has used him to teach me and change my heart in so many areas. i want to love people like Ben does because he loves people like Jesus does.

looking forward to year 6. we have a new home, a new baby coming in April, a new community group that meets at our house and a growing church. we are so blessed. marriage is so sweet.

Happy 5th Anniversary to my love. i love following you through life.

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