Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was different for us this year. Revision had a service that morning and it was so good. i absolutely loved getting to be with my family and church family as we worshipped the Lord, took communion & listened to Job and Ben talk about the Christmas Story, starting from the Old Testament. i wish we could have a Christmas morning service each year.

Ben and I got up early Sunday morning & got the living room ready for the kids. we turned on Polar Express on the tv, i cooked french toast and then we went to wake up the kids. it was early so they were tired but as soon as they got downstairs and saw their gifts they were so excited. we loved being able to have that time with our kids, watching them get excited.

Jovie got a baby doll that cries and takes a bottle and a paci. she also got a pack n play for her baby doll, a Barbie in her stocking and a snowman blanket. Jack got a train that runs around the tree, a set of plastic golf clubs, a robot in his stocking and a snowman blanket. i think just getting new stuff was so overwhelming for them. Ben had to leave early to get to church and i got the kids dressed and ready to go.

after church, we came home to pack up our stuff and head to my mom's house. we spent the rest of the day there eating, opening gifts and eating some more. the Australians were back this year to spend their 2nd Christmas with us, and we love having them. we had such a sweet time of talking, making fun of each other and relaxing. i love that i have so many siblings and that we all get along so well. Jack and Jovie were overwhelmed by the amount of wrapping paper and boxes everywhere in my mom's living room. i think that was the most fun part for them. i'm so thankful for my sweet parents and how they have always made Christmas such a fun time full of great memories and fun activities but at the same time taught us about Jesus. we got home late Christmas night and we were worn out.

i love the glow of the tree on Christmas morning

Jack's stase on the left, Jovie's on the right

the shared pile. its the Bullseye horse from Toy Story. Jack's stocking on the left and Jovie's on the right

Jack's train that Ben set up to go around the tree.

checking out the gifts for the first time

fascinated by the train

loving on her baby doll. she is too sweet.

she couldn't figure out how or why it was making noise

Ben helping set up her baby pack n play

bubble bath that came in their stockings. and probably one of their most favorite gifts.

its hard to share a new toy on Christmas morning

my beautiful babies ready for church

my mom's tree. and the million gifts. but, there were like 20 of us there. so i guess its ok. ha!

opening presents at Lolli and Poppa's house

Jack got SO excited to open each gift. he was more excited about opening than he was the actual gift. cute kid.

this is the face of exhaustion

me and my girl on Christmas Day. she looks cute, i look crazy.

my favorite gift this year. from my mom and my MIL. 16 place settings in beautiful white dishes. plus the pitcher. i love it and i'm so excited to have people over for dinner!!

so thankful for each Christmas. and so thankful for the grace of Jesus that allows us to enjoy the fun activities of the holiday season. i can't wait until next year when we will celebrate with 3 kids!!!

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