Saturday, January 7, 2012

Capture 366: Week 1

i saw a really cool thing on someone's Facebook and then i saw it again on Pinterest. so, i decided, back in October, that it would be a cool project for me for this year. i plan to take a picture each day. it can be a picture of anything or anyone. then you write a quick caption describing the picture. i really love this idea b/c i think it will be so fun to look back on December 31 and remember all the fun things we have done this year. and with 2 toddlers and a new baby on the way, i have plenty of picture topics!

i'm going to upload my pictures on my blog weekly. i think that will be way easier for me than trying to do it each week. so, here we go....

January 1-7

January 1: Revision Church's first sunday service at our new location, OBHS.

January 2: painting at home

January 3: family date night to the Grizzlies game

January 4: taking a walk outside with our strollers

January 5: playing in the backyard

January 6: dinner at Billie's Barn in Jackson, TN for a family birthday party

January 7: dinner at Jim's Place East for Deda's birthday

so excited to do this each day and blog about it each week.

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