Saturday, January 14, 2012

Capture 366: Week 2

January 8-14

January 8: i put my mantle together using things i already own. i'm pretty pleased with it

January 9: let the potty training begin

January 10: we spent the day (and the week) camped out in my room watching movies, eating most of our meals and playing. i was trying to maintain the accidents to one room.

January 11: training day 3 and really starting to turn a corner. i'm so proud of her!

January 12: our stack of movies to enjoy while we potty train

January 13: potty time before, during and after naps!

January 14: the Harry Potter marathon begins at our house!

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Dina said...

I can't believe Jovie is already almost potty trained. That's amazing! I thought about doing it early with Katie too, but I wondered about night time? Is Jovie still in a crib or a big girl bed? I assumed they would have to be in a bed they could get out of to go potty in the night. I always appreciate your wisdom!