Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

i LOVE Easter. love getting to celebrate our Lord, his death and resurrection. what a precious Savior. 

we had a sweet time as a family this year. our service at church was wonderful and we spent the day with both of our families. 

i was able to take Jack and Jovie to an egg hunt this year. we had so much together. can't wait to take Judah next year!!

some pictures from our fun:

getting ready to hunt eggs

they had so much fun and they got SO much candy!

their Easter baskets. they got to pick them out from Walmart. so cute.

 Jack got a toy snake from the dollar store, candy, a bar of soap (his current obsession), and some new cups. they no longer use sippy cups.

Jovie got a purple horsey from the dollar store, some new hair clips, some new cups and some candy.

my sweet Easter babies. please stop time so they will stop growing.

our family Easter picture. i love it.

so thankful for Jesus and my family.

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