Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Judah's Birthday!

today our sweet baby boy, Judah Haddon, was born. (obviously, i didn't blog on his actual bday, i'm back blogging!)
what a wonderful, answer to prayer our Judah has been. his pregnancy and birth are by far the best and most normal experience i have had. i was able to walk right into the hospital and have him. NO bed rest, NO BP issues, NO Pre-Eclampsia, NO hospital stays before the baby was born, NO student doing my spinal, NO magnesium and no other issues. 

PRAISE THE LORD!! i can not tell you how much i prayed and prayed for his birth. i prayed for SO many different details and aspects to be different this time around. and the Lord was so gracious and kind to hear my prayers and bless me with a normal birth. He has been all in the details. and i am forever grateful. Ben and I enjoyed this day so very much. we were blown away that we were getting a normal experience. what a mighty God we serve. 

anywho. Judah's birth story. 

my c-section was scheduled for 4pm. which i actually loved b/c it gave us time to enjoy the morning and get a few things done. i woke up that morning around 6:30. i drove to Chick-Fil-A to  get us all some breakfast. i had to eat early b/c of the surgery. after breakfast we all showered, bathed and got ready for the day. i had all the bags and diaper bags packed for the weekend. 

we ended up taking Jovie to see Dr Bubba at the last minute b/c she had been sick for about 3 or 4 days before and i thought she had a sinus infection. sure enough, she did. we got a prescription filled, picked up some lunch for the kids and headed to my in-laws to drop them off. 

we arrived at the hospital at 2 pm. we did some paperwork and got into triage. i got hooked up to my IV (ouch!), got my blood drawn, BP checked, monitored for contractions (which i was having every 5 minutes) and waited for the Dr to come in the room. at 4:10 Dr Williams popped in, went over a few things with us and then i was headed back to the OR. 

my spinal went wonderfully this time. it hurt but it was not nearly as painful as it was with Jovie. i went numb quickly and got hooked up to oxygen b/c i was a nervous wreck and had a hard time breathing normally. Ben was allowed back in the room. 

at 4:50 pm, i heard Judah's first cries as he entered the world. my goodness. i was a blubbering mess. never has there been a sweeter sound than that of your child being born. i could cry just thinking about it!

Judah was cleaned up, weighed and wrapped in a blanket. Ben was able to hold him the rest of the surgery. sweet baby boy cried the whole time. so funny. Ben finally settled him down and i was able to get a good look at him. i cried the whole surgery. mostly nerves, but also thankful to the Lord for how he had blessed me with answered prayers and a healthy baby. such an overwhelming experience. 

after surgery we spent 2 hours in the PICU. required for me to regain the feeling in my legs, and allow my body to recover from surgery. i'm so thankful for that time b/c i could just rest and enjoy Judah. i was able to hold him once i could sit up and he even nursed for the first time. finally, around 8pm we were taken up to the 4th floor to our regular room.

our family came back in the room around 8:20pm and met Judah. Katie was able to take some amazing pictures and Jack and Jovie were so excited to finally meet their baby brother. what a wonderful, special and sweet day we had. i will never forget the little details and the sweet moments the Lord blessed us with on that day. Judah Haddon is such a joy and a completely beautiful baby!

we are in love!

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