Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday

it's 4am. I am wide awake. lots of trouble sleeping.

Good Friday is now over. it was a good but somber day for me. Make sense?! I spent the morning drinking coffee & dying Easter eggs with Jack and Jovie while Judah napped and Ben had a couple meetings. it was our first time to dye eggs together, and they LOVED it. I think they colored each egg about 11 times, in each of the 5 colors. We ended up with brownish blue eggs that Jovie decided to throw away. ha! not sure we would have eaten a dozen hard boiled eggs anyway. Blech.

I spent 2 hours on the phone with someone I love. (My longest phone call in forever) just talking & catching up while my kids played and Judah ate lunch. I'm so thankful for that time. it was needed.

I put the kids down for a nap, talked with Ben for awhile when he got home, caught up on some chores, showered & got ready for church and packed a diaper bag. then the kids got up, we snacked, got dressed and headed up to church for our Good Friday service.

I love our church. love it. our service went well, Jesus was glorified & the cross was preached. we had a great time.

we rushed to eat with friends after church. We all loaded up our babies, past their bed times and stuffed our faces with Mexican food. and the children did well. So thankful!! we came home & went to bed.

tomorrow, our community group is hosting an egg hunt, we have a birthday party to go to & we plan to see ben's parents.

but today has been somber for me. I don't mean to over spiritualize or exaggerate. or drag out my blog post. I've just been thinking on the cross. the weight of what Jesus did for me is so humbling. the brutality of it is heavy and the sacrifice is great. I am burdened. I want my life to be a clear picture of the gospel. to my husband, kids, friends, family, church family & a lost world.

I am heavy laden for those I love that don't love Jesus. weary bc I know Christ is freedom & peace. apart from Him, we are slaves drowning in our sins. I'm not a super Christian. My faith is often weak. but Jesus is REAL. He has made himself close & personal to me in the past 4 months. His word is alive to my dry bones and healing to my soul. these months have been HARD. most troubling & long months of my life. but the Spirit has been near & precious. I'm so thankful for the peace that only Jesus can bring.

Good Friday is a day that began hopeless.
Jesus beaten, pierced, scarred, whipped, mocked, dragged & hung. crucified, died, buried and left alone. I'm sure his mother, his friends & his followers felt devastated & had little hope.
Jesus has risen. He is alive. He is sovereign. He is king. He is hope.

I know that even on my days when hope seems dim and i wonder if Jesus will move; He already has. He has been ever faithful. I believe.

I'm so thankful for this life. I am blessed beyond measure. my burdens do not define me, but Jesus uses them to refine me. He carries my burdens. I can rest in Him. there is healing at the cross.

I didn't really mean for this post to be so long or hefty. I just kept writing as I thought about what is on my heart.

I'm so thankful for the death & even more thankful for the resurrection.

Happy Easter!!!

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