Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i just wanted to pass along this great sale that i found today!! It's at The Children's Place. it's a 40% off Spring Sale. it will pop up on the home page in red & white. you just click on your child's age and sex. for example i clicked on "baby boy". you may be thinking, why is she telling us this? i know how to use the internet!! (here is where i insert my lack of common sense) it took me forever to figure it out!! i kept trying to click on the wrong thing and nothing was happening!!

i got Jack so much cute stuff: 3 pairs of pants, a fleece hoodie for this fall, 3 onesies, 1 romper & a polo shirt. it was over a $100 value that i got for $40!! i must say, i'm a little proud of myself. i LOVE to baby shop but only when i can get good deals!! also if you enter the code SA249 you will get an additional 15% off, now who doesn't love that?!! so go check it out!!! i know you could find something you love for your kiddo! happy shopping!

and thanks to Baby Cheapskate for giving out the 15% off code. i LOVE that blog!!

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Jessica Kenney said...

Thanks Auds!! I got the boys some good stuff!!