Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silly Seven Months

wow o wow. time is flying. i know i say this every month, but its true, i CAN NOT believe my little boy is 7 months old now!! what the heck?!!! he is getting closer & closer to that one year mark, and i'm holding my breath b/c i want him to stay my little baby forever. i know some people don't enjoy the baby stage, when they aren't crawling yet & they are so dependable on you. but i must confess, i absolutely LOVE it. i love carrying him around, holding him and meeting his every little need 24/7. now don't get me wrong. i'm exhausted. completely. but i wouldn't trade it for 200 nights of sound sleep. i just can't get enough of him. he's really so much fun. and this month has been amazing. he has learned SO much. and he's becoming more independent & more mobile. (watch out world!!) he's also gotten sick for the first time. and its terrible. i hate watching him suffer & not being able to do much to help him. he's had a terrible cold & cough. poor sweet baby. and poor mommy. no sleep for jack = no sleep for me. but even so, ben & i have had so much fun this month & we just have so much love for this little man.

Little Boy,
i love you. you are such a treat to have around. i seriously can't get enough Jack in my life. you have been learning so much this month. you can do a bunch of new things & you are enjoying figuring everything out.

here are some new things you can do:
* SIT UP!! you've been working on it for awhile but you finally got it down. you look so cute doing it. you love to play with toys on the floor.
* sit up, in the sink & take a bath. you really love this lately. we give you a cup and let you play with the water as it comes out of the faucet. you would sit there for an hour if we would let you. its so much fun
* pick up food off your tray & eat it. i just discovered you could do this today. its very cute. you study the food so intently & then you try so hard to pick it up & put it in your mouth. you're getting very good at it.
* roll all over the house. if you see a toy you want, you just roll & scoot to get it. its hilarious. you usually just end up doing circles & getting frustrated!
* you love to look in the mirror & play
* you can just about hold your bottle by yourself
* you constantly try to grab our food & you try to put our cups to your mouth to drink.

some not so fun things this month:
* you got sick for the first time, you've had a bad cold for the past week & now you have a nasty cough. there's not much mommy can do to help you & i hate that!!
* you missed out on your aunt lindsay's wedding day b/c you were running a very high fever of 103.2, your mamie & granddad kept you for us. at least you got to be at her rehearsal dinner.

what a wonderful month we've had with you!! it's been such a blessing to watch you grow & learn. we love that you are now starting to reach for things, including us. it's so sweet. you are so observant. you notice the little things like a towel on mommy's head, when i wear sunglasses or when daddy wears a hat. you're just so smart!! you've become so much more vocal. you love to watch fans and look at lights. you are still very much in love with lola & your baby faith videos. we love to watch your little face light up when you see them. you love to grab our faces and try to "eat" our chins! you grab and touch everything you can get your hands on! you have the cutest head of hair, ever! everyone wants to touch, it stands straight up & we love it! you are quite the little show off too! you love to make noises and be silly with your aunts & uncles. they just love you SOOO much. we can't wait for this summer so we can travel & swim with you. we just love including you in everything we do now! you gave me my first mother's day & we are so excited about daddy's first father's day coming up! you are our greatest blessing. we love you and pray for you daily. what an honor it is to be your parents!! WE LOVE YOU, SWEET BOY!! happy 7 months!!!

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