Monday, June 1, 2009


sleep. never have i craved you more than i do right now. sleep. never again will i take you for granted. sleep. i have forgotten how sweet you are. sleep. 4 hours is just not cutting it anymore. sleep. my little boy can not b/c he is sick. sleep. i feel as if i'm walking around in a fog. sleep. i would just about cut off my right arm to be your friend again. sleep. i am dedicated & determined that once again you will return to me. sleep. but not until jack gets over his nasty cold & cough. sleep. naps are about as good as it gets now. sleep. come back to me, PLEASE!!!

i feel like i could go on forever about how i need sleep. its been over 2 weeks since i got a full night's sleep & i'm feeling it. BIG TIME. it's no one's fault. jack's little schedule has been changing & he has been sick. he can hardly sleep 2 hours at night before he wakes up in a coughing fit, which gets him to spitting up, throwing up & then crying. bless him. i want so badly to help him. but there is really nothing i can do. i am working (babysitting 2 girls. ages 21 months & 3 months) today & tomorrow. Jack is with me. but the rest of the week plans include: SLEEP. i plan on staying home wednesday-friday as much as possible to make sure that both jack & i get good naps. we both really really really need it. i'm going to try & use all my free time to nap. i'm not kidding! i'm going to take a break from blogging & try to cut down the facebook time. i hate seeing him suffer & not being able to do anything for him. and as tired as i truly am, i would much rather know that he is resting & sleeping well more than me. my body can go longer periods of time without sleep than his can. although, i must say. i'm feeling the burn. being a mom is really hard sometimes. no sleep = less energy. less energy = longer days. longer days = a more tired mom. but even with all the sleepless nights and foggy days, i wouldn't trade this time for the world. i know it will pass & one day i will long for the days of caring for him like this again. i know he will grow up & not need me as much. i don't want to sound like i'm complaining all the time. i'm really so grateful for Jack & the life we have with him. but i am beginning to grow weary. i'm trying to draw all of my strength from the Lord. and i praise Him for such a wonderful hubby who is so helpful. even though he is sick too. uugghhhh. GO AWAY SICKNESS!!! GO AWAY!! ok. i'm done ranting about sleep. for now!


Audra said...

Bless your heart! With the okay of the pedi, coat the bottom of his feet in vick's vapor rub and put socks on top. Sounds crazy, but it was recommended to me a year and a half ago when I was coughing so much my throat was raw. Worked like a charm! I do it every time I have a cold now! It's worth a shot. Prayers going up for y'all!

Rachel said...

Girl, I know how you feel. It is the pits when they can't breathe and they can't blow their nose and you feel like you're sucking their brains out with the bulb thingy. Praying that Jack gets well soon!