Monday, June 29, 2009

Excellent Eight Months!!

( i wrote this post on the 25th, jack's actual 8 month birthday) my baby is 8 months old. insane. what a joy this time has been. we feel like we're walking around in a blissful fog! every day i thank the Lord for such a sweet & fun little boy. he is amazing. we just love him so much!!

Sweet Little Jackabee:

today you are 8 months old. holy moly!! your daddy & i can hardly believe it. we still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. how have you been with us 8 months already?!! it's such a short period of time but we can barely remember what life was like before you came along. you are our favorite little boy & we are SO proud of you. you've had a great month, you've definitely learned new things & we've learned about some big news. you are going to be a big brother!!! can you believe it?! we can't!!! we found out when you were 7.5 months old. we were super super shocked b/c we weren't planning this but we are excited & we realize we are so blessed to be receiving another cutie pie baby. we can only imagine how great of a big brother you will be!!!

here are some new things you are doing this month:

* you now LOVE LOVE LOVE your bouncy seat. oh my goodness. you will sit in that thing & bounce for ever. you get so excited as you bounce up and down incessantly!! we even took it over to lolli & poppa's house b/c everyone wants to see a bouncing baby boy! they cracked up at you as you would bounce. you are just so funny in that thing. thank goodness we have it!!

* you also love to sit on the floor & play with lola! i can put tons of toys at your disposal & you want nothing more than to just watch lola run around. and if she comes anywhere close to you, you get sooo excited!!! you really love her!

* you are rolling everywhere. if we put you on your tummy, you scoot & prop yourself up really well. you've even tried, a few times, to push yourself up on your knees. i bet you'll be crawling in no time!

* you love to take a bath in the sink. i think its your new favorite daily activity!!

* you love to sit up in the cart at walmart so you can look around & you would much rather sit up in your stroller than lay back in your car seat!

* you have been swimming a few times & you love it!!! you are definitely a water baby.

* you love to drink out of mommy & daddy's cups. (or anyone else who will let you!!) you get so excited and try so hard to bring the cup to your mouth.

* you can now use a sippy cup!! you can drink out of it no problem, but we are still working on the holding it yourself part!

* you love to eat graham crackers, ritz crackers, bananas, apples. you will pretty much eat anything we put in front of you. you have gotten to the point of getting frustrated when we eat so we have to give you something to munch on as well!

* you have started peeing thru your diaper & on to everything every single night at 3:30 a.m.

* you love to flip over on to your belly in the bed. you sleep on your tummy, a lot, but sometimes you get frustrated so we have to go in & flip you back over!

* you wake up so happy in the mornings & you still love to snuggle with us in bed before we begin the day

* you belly laugh all the time now & it is so cute!! lolli is really good at getting you to laugh!

things you don't like:

* when mommy leaves the room

* getting your diaper changed

* waiting for a bottle when you are hungry

* green beans & green peas

* being layed down on your back to play, you always want to sit up

* you get scared sometimes when people laugh loudly

* watching us eat or drink when you have nothing. we have to give you crackers & juice when we eat now!

you are our greatest joy. you are our favorite topic of conversation! we thank the Lord daily for such a sweet & fun little boy. we love watching you grow & learn. happy 8 months, jack. we love you SO SO SO much!!!


mommy & daddy

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How cute!

And congratulations on your pregnancy!!