Sunday, June 7, 2009

Praise Him

i am still so tired. and little Jack is still sick. its been 2 weeks now. he's on some antibiotics, so i'm praying that they start working. it really does get discouraging when your child is sick & you try everything you know to do for them, but nothing really helps. i hate it. but i thought i would try & concentrate on some things i am truly thankful for right now. its so easy, when you get discouraged, to focus on things that are negative. i want to Praise the Lord in all situations. so i thought i would list things i'm thankful for, so that i can look back on this & remember the blessings, not the trials.

I am thankful for:

* my amazing husband
* my sweet sweet boy
* my huge & wonderful family
* our supportive church family
* ben's generous family
* loyal friends
* our cute puppy dog, Lola
* the ability to get & stay pregnant. i've really been learning a lot lately about how this is a sweet blessing, i'll never take for granted again
* godly parents
* my sisters. we are so close.
* my brothers. they are so fun.
* a job that allows me to work only 2 days a week, & i'm able to take jack with me
* my hubby's job in ministry. we have learned so much
* our loaner minivan. thanks to my in-laws!!!
* a comfortable lifestyle with my boys
* the love of Christ that sustains me day to day

i really could think of so much more. i have such a beautiful & blessed life. i never ever want to take it for granted. thank you Lord for the gifts you have given me, help me to serve & glorify you with them. PRAISE HIM!!!

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Rachel said...

Amen! This is exactly what we as believers should do whenever we start to think "Why me?" It is a discipline I have been practicing myself lately. :) Hope your Jack feels better and better every day.