Tuesday, January 26, 2010

15 Months!


you are 15 months old!! i can not believe it. you are a full blown toddler & a barrel of fun. you have learned so many new things this month and you are growing so very fast. we love you so very much. we constantly talk about how thankful we are to have you & how blessed we are to be your parents. you are such a joy to take care of, play with, hug, kiss, tickle, chase & teach. we can't get enough of you. you have such a sweet loving personality, you are always giving kisses, reaching for us and giving hugs. you are also very sensitive & tender hearted. you are persistent & strong willed but easily broken by the sound of our voices as we discipline you. you play hard all day long & willingly crash into bed at night. you take great naps & you absolutely love bath & shower time. you are becoming such a fun little boy & raising you is such a joy.

on your 15th month birthday you became a big brother to Jovie Claire & you already love her so much. you are always trying to kiss her & love on her. we are so excited about watching you two grow up together. we know you will be so close & have so much fun. i can't wait to take tons of pictures of you & Jovie together as you grow up. we love you & Jovie so much, you are such a blessing to us.

you have become much better with your eating habits & you are now willing to try new things, usually. you absolutely LOVE having something to drink. we're pretty sure you would rather have a cup of juice or milk than something to eat. you get that from mom & dad! you eat pizza, chicken nuggets, fish fillets, veggie cheetos, apples, spaghetti, potatoes, muffins, oatmeal, yogurt, oranges, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal bars, biscuits, bread, pancakes, waffles, potato soup, chicken n dumplins and several other things. you don't care for cheese, most veggies, jelly, macaroni and cheese (i think its the texture) and a few other things.

you are such a busy little boy. from the time you wake up until you go to bed at night, you are on the go. we are thankful that you still take great naps! you love to play ball. we have about 10 balls all around our house & you constantly rolling or throwing them to us. you love to play with cars, trucks and anything that makes noise or lights up. i have created a cabinet just for you, in our kitchen, that is filled with tupperware and plastic bowls, cups & lids. you love to get into that cabinet, take out every single thing & spread it all over the kitchen floor. you love to take the bowls & make them spin over & over. you love to get into the other cabinets, that aren't kid proofed, and explore them. you are so curious. but we think your favorite thing to do is to open/shut any door you can. if we open the refrigerator door, you rush to close it. if we open the door to a bedroom, you rush to close it. your favorite game is for us to open a door, you shut it & then we open it again so you can shut it. you would do that all day long if we let you. you have gotten so good at figuring out your toys & different gadgets around our house. you are understanding & processing what we say so well & you even follow simple commands. you are such a smart boy!

you can say "Praise the Lord" (with you hands in the air), clap your hands, touch your nose (when we say "Jack, where is your nose?!) show us your tongue, make a super cheesy grin when we say "show us your cheese face", give us a "5" when we hold out our hands and you are learning how to sign the word "more". you can say the words: momma, dada, bye, baby & uh-oh. but you recognize so many more words when we say them. we love watching your little mind work!

you have also started walking!! hooray!! the day you came back home after i had been at the hospital, you just took off walking & you haven't looked back. its so cute to see you waddle around our house. you are adorable!

what a great month this has been for us as a family. you have blessed our hearts over & over. and we have been blessed to have add your sister to our family. we hope you always know how much we love you, how much you are wanted & appreciated. we pray for you daily because we want to raise you in a way that honors Jesus. you are a precious gift to us & we will never take you for granted.

Happy 15 months, sweet boy! we love you!!


Audra Laney said...

yay for posting again! glad to see y'all are alive and well. :) drew is also a HUGE fan of closing doors. now he's started closing them with his FEET! it's hilarious to watch! happy 15 months, jack!

Brittney said...

I can't believe how fast they grow up! Presley is already 5 months old! Jovie is absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

Dina said...

I am impressed you can blog with a 3 week old at home. You're doing good!