Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jovie Claire

our perfectly precious Jovie Claire is finally here!!! here are her birth stats:

Jovie Claire Williams
Monday, January 25, 2010
6:44 p.m.
5 lbs 9 oz
18.5 inches long

we are so completely in love with our girl. its amazing how you love the 2nd baby just as quickly & just as much as you love the 1st baby. i don't know why i thought it might feel weird or competitive with how much we love our Jack. it is completely equal and so much fun.

i will always remember the day she was born, so vividly. i woke up that Monday morning around 6 a.m., i just couldn't sleep any longer. i jumped in the shower & ate breakfast at 7:15. i wasn't allowed any food or drink after 8 am. after breakfast i began packing up our room & all our stuff. Ben woke up, showered & cleaned up the room with me. but he left around 9:30 to meet his mom & Jack at Dr Bubba's office. Jack had some nasty congestion & a gross little cough so we wanted to get him checked out before Jovie arrived & he began breathing all over her! while he was gone, one of the doctors in my group, Dr Healy (she delivered Jack) came in to go over a few last minute things about the surgery. then my nurse, Linda, came in to let me know she was about to start my IV. Linda happened to be the same exact nurse that i had when i was in the hospital with Jack. she started my IV then & i was so grateful she would be the one to start my IV for Jovie. that may sound weird, but at least i knew she was capable of getting it the first time, she's a great nurse.

the IV was quick & painful but it wore off quickly. after the IV i changed into my hospital gown & was hooked up to fluids. i was able to sit, rest & talk with the Lord for about an hour before Ben returned from Jack's doctor appointment. Jack had a sinus infection & Ben was able to get his prescription filled & put Jack down for a nap at the Williams' house. we sat, talked & watched tv together. i remember we talked about how excited we were to be meeting sweet Jovie, to have 2 kids together & how our little family was growing. we talked about how far we'd come since our dating days & how we couldn't believe that we were already at this phase of our life.

around 2:30 pm Ben's mom brought Jack up to the hospital to visit us one last time before Jovie & to meet my mom so that she could take Jack home with her. we had a good visit & they left around 4:00 pm. after that, we continued to relax & just wait for them to come get us to take me back for the c-section. Linda came in & let us know that the surgery had been pushed back by about 30 minutes. at about 5:35 she returned & wheeled me off to the triage room. we met with doctors & nurses to discuss the surgery within 15 minutes, i was being wheeled into the OR & Ben was left to put on his scrubs.

the OR was freezing cold. they sat me up on the table & began the procedure for the spinal. first, comes the numbing shot. no biggie. and the the anesthesiologist tells me "ok, from this point on, you will just be feeling pressure." about 5 seconds later, i feel an intensely sharp pain from the inside of my back. i yelp & say "um, i can feel that on my right side & it hurts really bad" he says "ok, i'll give you more numbing medicine" and then 10 seconds, i feel the intense pain again. i begin to cry & he he tries more numbing medicine. by the end of this, he had to try my spinal 3, that's right, 3 times. and the word pain is a major understatement. 2 nurses had to hold me still & i was sobbing & begging for Ben to come in the room with me. i finally told the nurse that that he had to stop trying, i couldn't take it anymore. and at that moment, he gets it to work. but by this time, i'm shaking uncontrollably, i just couldn't calm down. Ben was finally allowed to come in the room & he asked how my spinal went. i told him. and he was irritated & so sweet about comforting me. i was put on oxygen b/c i kept throwing up & couldn't catch my breath. (this was definitely not as difficult with Jack!)

the surgery went on for what seemed like forever. then at 6:44 pm, i heard the most beautiful sound. sweet Jovie Claire was here & letting us know it. and she didn't stop her crying! she had quite the temper & all the nurses kept talking about how she was so petite & had so much hair. they weighed her, cleaned her up a bit & wrapped her up. then they gave her to Ben for the remainder of the surgery & i was able to see her. at about 7:30 pm, the surgery was finally over & we were wheeled into the ICU room for an hour. i was able to feed Jovie for the first time & Ben was able to call our families to let them know Jovie was here & everyone was doing great. at about 9:15 i was wheeled into a room on the Labor & Delivery floor to begin my joyous journey on Magnesium.

i responded to the Magnesium a lot better this time. i only had to be on it for 12 hours, which was a blessing. my only side effect was that i felt so hot & overheated. but i was allowed to have water & a fan in my room, which helped a whole lot. Jovie Claire was able to come into our room around 11:00 pm, after her bath. i was in so much pain that night but it was so nice to be able to have that time with her. she slept great, we had to wake her to eat. poor Ben was so tired & he was able to get a good bit of sleep. at around 11 am the next morning, my magnesium was done & i was moved up to the 4th floor & into a regular recovery room.

later that day, my mom brought Jack up to meet Jovie for the first time. he did so great with her. he just kept saying "oohhhh didi" (didi is how he says baby!) and he just kissed her face. it was precious & a definite answer to prayer. overall, he didn't seem very jealous. we really just wanted to touch her, a lot. he was so curious, and after about 10 minutes, he was down on the floor playing!

all of our family got to meet Jovie Claire that day. it was such a blessing to have them there & share in our excitement about our new sweet little girl. we were discharged from the hospital on thursday the 28th & we were SO glad to be headed home as a new family of 4!!

Thank you Lord, for the blessing of being a parent. Jack & Jovie are wonderful gifts, may we raise them to love, honor & serve You all of their lives! We love you, Jovie Claire!

(pics from her birthday to follow in another post)


Audra Laney said...

Yay! I was so glad to get to read all the great details of your day! I can't believe he had to attempt your spinal THREE times! I would have been hyperventilating, I believe!

What great parents Jack & Jovie Claire have! Praise God for these beautiful blessings we call children!

Kacie said...

This was so sweet! I think I would have died if I had to be stuck 3 times! You're a trooper! Glad everything is going well!

Shannon said...

She is beautiful Audrey!