Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jovie!!!

she isn't here yet. only 6 hours to go. i've gotten my IV (OUCH!!), i'm in the very sexy hospital gown & i'm receiving fluids. now, we wait. Jack will be up here around 2 pm with our parents & then we will be taken back around 4 pm to begin the prepping for the c-section. i am still so nervous but i feel so much better now that the IV part is over. its the worst part for me. my nurse, Linda, is amazing. she is actually the same nurse i had when i was here with Jack & she started my IV for my c-section with him. so she knew exactly where to look & got the IV working the first time. PRAISE THE LORD!!! i was hoping she would be my nurse this morning. thank you Lord, for meeting my needs and wants in even the smallest ways!!

i was pretty emotional last night at bed time. i think i was just feeling overwhelmed. being away from Jack, spending a LONG week in the hospital & knowing that i'm about to have another baby are hitting me. my poor husband, i know he thinks i'm crazy!! today, i woke up around 6 am. i just couldn't sleep anymore. i showered & packed up our room. i am feeling calmer than i thought i would. thank you Lord, for your peace.

Jack hasn't been feeling himself the past several days. so this morning, i woke up early & called Dr Bubba's office. i got him an appointment for this morning at 10 b/c i didn't want him to get worse, especially since we're having a new baby today. he didn't get to see Dr Bubba (so sad) but he did get to see Dr Senter. Ben & his mom took Jack to his appointment. We found out he has a sinus infection. poor little boy. Dr Senter said it was a good thing we brought him in, and he started him on an antibiotic. so hopefully, he'll feel better really soon. i've been so worried about him. its hard being away from him when he's sick but i'm so glad he was able to get into the doctor today. thank you Lord, for taking care of my sweet boy.

Happy Birthday Jovie! you are so very loved & wanted. we are so excited to meet you in just a few hours. and we can't wait to show you off to our family & friends. you will be the perfect addition to our little family!!

please pray with us for these things:

* Jovie's health & delivery
* Jack. that he will begin to feel better today and continue to do well as he is staying with his grandparents
* Ben. he's so excited to meet Jovie & also missing Jack so much
* my health & c-section. and please pray that i'll handle the Magnesium as well as possible and only have to be on it for 12 hours.
* our families as they continue to love on our sweet boy. they have blessed us so much with their help & i want the Lord to bless them in return.

thank you for your prayers. we love you! my next post, i'll be a mommy of 2 & hopefully have at least one picture of Jovie girl!


Audra Laney said...

I've just prayed for you again! I'm so glad your IV start when smoothly! Hopefully you'll get to get it out soon! Yes, please post pics ASAP! Can you believe it's finally here?!

Lori T said...

Yea! Praying everything will go smoothly.

Oh, and when you get the time, you'll have to do a post or two about your recovery with the c-section and taking care of Jack, too. I may have a second c-section, too, and I'm wondering if it'll be less painful and if it'll be difficult not getting to pick up my daughter.

Shannon said...

Praying for you today girl! You will do great. Trust me, the 2nd was easier than the first c-section was.
I can't wait to see her perfect little face! YEA!

Emory said...

Praying and thinking about you today. Have a great evening enjoying you new buddle!

Kacie said...

Aw, this makes me think of Caroline's birthday! Such a happy, special time! Congratulations!! :)