Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Love Ya Tomorrow

" tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow. you're only a day away!!" do you recognize those lyrics?! they are from the song "Tomorrow" from the movie "Annie". it was easily one of my favorite movies growing up. the words seem appropriate considering what i have lined up for tomorrow!!!

in less than 24 hours our little Jovie Claire will be here. oh how i can not wait. i'm so excited to hear her first cry & hold her sweet little body. what a glorious moment!

i am growing more & more anxious & a little nervous about the day. i want it to be perfect. i want to enjoy it. i want to remember everything about it. Jack's birthday was crazy & a little hazy for me b/c i was so out of it for so long. i do remember holding him for the first time & that was a precious time. i'll never forget it. but i'm excited for our activities tomorrow.

here is my plan for the day:
* wake up early & shower
* eat breakfast. i can't have anything to eat or drink after 8 am. and then after the surgery i can't have anything but water for a little over 12 hours. so by the time tuesday afternoon rolls around, i'll be starving!!
* receive my IV around 8:30. i am dreading this part of the day more than anything. if you know me at all, you know how hard this part is for me. oh geez. please pray that my nurse is able to start my IV quickly. she will have no second chances. i can't take it.
* ultrasound to see Jovie one more time on the computer screen before we see her face to face!
* visit from Jack & family. everyone who can, is stopping by pre-surgery b/c it will be so late after surgery & no one will able to see her or us until tuesday.
* prep for surgery
* have Jovie!!!! of course there will be some post-op stuff to deal with & then we'll be in the room with our girl. i can't wait for that moment.
* be on magnesium. for hopefully 12 hours. so that by the time everyone meets her on Tuesday, i should be done with it. i hope it goes as planned, so that i'm not miserable when we start having visitors. Please pray this with us

January 25 is about to be one of the best days of my life, besides my wedding day & Jack's birthday. i'm getting excited just thinking about it.

my hospital day has been routine. the ultrasound went great & everything else has been the same as the day before. My aunt Madalyn (we call her May May) uncle Pat & cousin Emily came by for a visit. it was so good to see them. they brought Jovie some super cute stuff & they were even sweet enough to think of Jack. they brought him a little dump truck that lights up & makes noises. it blessed my heart SO much for them to think of Jack. i've been worried that he will be forgotten, by others, in the craziness & excitement of a new baby. he is so special to me & i want him to feel special during this time. Lindsay & Ryan also came by. they brought me some body wash & a loofah. which was much needed. i hate using bars of soap. and they also brought me some yummy starbucks! i was so excited for that little treat.

Jack came to play today. we had so much fun. but he has gotten so congested. he's still eating, playing & sleeping well. but i could tell that he just isn't himself. i'm so worried about him getting worse. and it absolutely kills me to be away from him when he's feeling this way. i've had a really hard time today, with not being with him. it so very hard. i can't wait to see him tomorrow before Jovie comes. before all of this happened, i planned to spend my last days before Jovie, just loving on Jack. i wanted to spend time at home, as a family of 3 for the last time. i wanted to take him to build-a-bear to let him create a bear for Jovie & himself as a way to remember her arrival. its so hard for me to feel like i haven't gotten that time with him. i know that things don't always go as planned. i know the Lord has always known it would play out this way. but its still hard for me. i miss him so much.

ben has gone to get us some dinner & then we're going to relax before an early bed time. we are both so tired & ready for tomorrow. please please pray for us. there are so many emotions for us & we are ready for this phase of our hospital stay to be over.

here are some prayer requests for us. i can't thank you enough for lifting us up. it is a blessing.

* Jovie's health & delivery
* Jack. please pray that his congestion clears up asap. and that he adjusts well to life with a little sister. i don't want him to feel left out or confused. this is weighing heavy on my heart.
* Ben. i know he's anxious about watching me go through so much over the next 36 hours. please pray that the Lord brings him strength & peace
* me. i'm a ball of nerves & emotion. i want so badly to be with Jack tonight. i wish i was putting him to bed. i'm also so nervous about the IV and surgery. i know the Lord's hands are upon us and i'm so grateful for His peace. i'm also so excited about meeting Jovie.
* our families as they care for Jack
* that i'm only on the magnesium for 12 hours so that i'm able to enjoy our families and friends as we introduce them to Jovie Claire on Tuesday.

i might try to slip in a post tomorrow before i go into the c-section but its going to be a busy day, so i don't know if i'll get to it. but i'll definitely post sometime Tuesday with at least one picture of our little girl! can't wait.

oh my word. i'm about to have 2 kids........


Jessica Kenney said...

So exciting!!! Being a mom of 2 is amazing!! You will do great and enjoy every minute! Praying for you! I'll let you know in the morning what we are having!

On our way to a new life said...

I am so excited for you guys. Terry and I are praying for you, Ben, Jack and of course Jovie! Can't wait to meet her. Love you guys take care!

travisandblair said...

You are so cute Audrey! I am beyond excited for you guys. Thanks so much for your blog. It is so much fun to be apart of this whole process with you guys...via blog! You are going to have the time of your life! Jack is going to LOVE baby is crazy that you are going to have that little one tomorrow! We are praying hard! Love you so much!

travisandblair said...
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Audra Laney said...

My favorite part of this post was the last sentence as that's exactly what I'd be thinking! LOL

We are praying for y'all today! Hope the IV start went well! Can't wait to see pictures! It's finally here!!!!