Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jovie's Birthday in Pictures

here are some pictures from Jovie's day. i'm so glad we were able to capture some of the joy!

me waiting to go back to surgery to meet Miss Jovie!

Ben is all prepped for the OR

she's here!

getting checked out & wiped down!

5 lbs 9 oz!

she loves to have her hands up by her face

our first picture together. i'm looking pretty rough, but this was 10 minutes after surgery!

beautiful baby girl

first picture after her bath

she has the sweetest face!

she is cold & not happy about it!

all bundled up & wearing her first bow!

Jovie & mommy

Daddy & his girl

Ben, Jovie & her Uncle Tripp (ben's older brother)

my mom, me & Jovie

Lolli loves her Jovie girl

what a wonderful & precious day we had together. we are so blessed & so thankful for our girl.

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travisandblair said...

Auds, she is precious! So adorable! And so tiny! She is the size Emmy was when she came home from the hospital. So tiny! So precious! What a huge responsibilty we have as mommy's. HUGE AND REWARDING! I love it all the way! I know you do too. YOu are beautiful by the way! Motherhood suits you well. YOu glow! God is are an amazing woman...i am so thankful you are my cousin! And I am doubly thankful we have a good relationship. One day we will be back in teh lower 48 and our babies can play together...just like we did growing up! I love you girl! So very much!