Monday, February 1, 2010

Jack Meets Jovie

i don't know why i was so nervous about Jack meeting Jovie. silly me. i just thought that Jack might accidentally hurt her or not be interested in her at all. but i should've known better b/c my boy is super sweet & oh so loving. their first meet was success, all the way around. he just kept saying "ohhhh, didi!" didi is his little way of saying baby. and its presh. he just wanted to look at her, touch her face & give her endless amounts of kisses. it blessed my heart over & over.

here are a few pictures of my 2 kiddos, meeting for the very first time!

i LOVE our family of 4! (scroll down for another new post!)

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Brittney Rollins Pickett said...

How sweet! I love the picture of Jack kissing Jovie! Precious!