Thursday, February 25, 2010

16 Months!!

Jack, today you are 16 months old!! good grief child. stop growing up. seriously, you're getting so big so fast & i just want to soak in all these moments with you, b/c before i know it you'll be going to kindergarten. but for right now, you're my sweet little 16 month old boy & we are really enjoying you. you are such a blessing to us!

you had your 15 month checkup when you were 15 1/2 months old. here are your stats from Dr Bubba:

weight: 21 lbs 8 oz
height: 30 inches
head: 46 cm
you are in the 15-25% in every category but Dr Bubba says this is perfect for your size!

who knew that 16 months could be so fun?! you have grown SO much this past month. you are doing so many new things & understanding so much. you are walking everywhere & trying to talk to us, but it just comes out as jibber jabber. but its so cute. i could listen to your sweet little voice all day long. you have so much energy & you are the busiest boy i have ever seen. but you sleep great at night & you nap 2-3 hours during the day. you wear a size 4 diaper & size 12 months clothes. you are eating so much better now, you will try anything that i put on your tray & most of the time you will eat it all. you are still a big drinker, you have several cups of milk & juice per day & Dr Bubba says thats ok.

you love music. dada brought home an old keyboard from church that is no longer being used & you absolutely love to play it. you get so excited when we turn it on & you are so proud when you hear sounds come from the keys. you also absolutely LOVE balls. i bet we have 9 bouncy balls around this house & you get so excited to play with each of them. you love it when we roll or throw the ball back & forth with you. our favorite thing that you do is bowl spinning. you get a plastic mixing bowl out of the cabinet, flick your wrist & spin it upside down on the floor. its hilarious. we don't know where you learned it but you are so good at it. you love to get a few bowls going at the same time. we just clap & say "Yay Jack, good job" which gets you more excited & you do it over & over again. its the best. everyone is so impressed by it. you still love to close doors & you insist on doing it every opportunity you get. you love to play in the cabinets, dishwasher, laundry room, pantry & bathrooms. you find fun in the most random places!

you have such a sweet & loving spirit. you are always giving kisses to everyone. you love to kiss Jovie, me, dad & Lola! and you will kiss any part of us. you give kisses to our knees, arms, fingers, heads & feet. you are just the sweetest. its such a blessing to see you love others. you give kisses to any baby you see, and all our family. they all love it.

you love to bring us any object, raise it up in the air & say "dat?". you are loving to hear us tell you all about whatever it is that you bring to us. we are trying to teach you colors & names of various things. you do know the difference between your red & green ball & you can point to the fan & lamp when we ask you where they are. you are now waving bye bye & its so cute! your favorite new game is for us to chase you. we say "i'm gonna get ya" you get the biggest grin on your face & then you take off as fast you can down the hallway, giggling the whole way. i bet we play this game 5 times a day! you also love to play on our bed. you sit up there & we leave the room, then run back in & tickle you. you just belly laugh & that draws us in to keep doing it. you are just so much fun.

your new favorite foods are: grapes, mandarin oranges, cheese quesadillas with avocado, ravioli, muffins, cereal bars, oatmeal, fish & chicken.

i tried giving you strawberries the other day & you aren't really into them. you've also gotten sick of peanut butter sandwiches. i'm having trouble getting you to eat veggies. you will try them but won't eat but just a few bites. except for avocado. so i try to sneak them in through juices or other foods.

you are THE best big brother. Jovie's cries don't seem to affect you. you sleep through them & keep on playing. you love to kiss on her all day & if me or daddy are holding her, you want to sit right next to us & love on her too. i hope that you two are always close. i'm so excited to watch ya'll grow up together.

we love you sweet boy. you are the best little boy ever. this is definitely our favorite stage with you. we are truly blessed to have such great kids. happy 16 months my love!!!


Audra Laney said...

How sweet! Jack is such a precious little boy with two incredible parents!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

this is just precious audrey! I love Jack even though I don't get to see him much! he looks soooo adorable in the haircut chair!