Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jovie is 1 month old!

sweet Jovie Claire, you are one month old today. i can not believe that it has already been an entire month since you arrived & entered our family. you have brought such joy to our lives. you have such a cuddly personality. your very favorite thing to do is be held & snuggled. i really love this about you. it can be exhausting & crazy when i have other things i need to do like take care of Jack, cook supper or housework but i don't mind. i love this stage of your life, i really do. you and Jack have adapted to each other really well, so far. his cry doesn't seem to bother you or wake you most times & your cry doesn't seem to bother him either. this is a blessing for me & daddy! you are a very petite girl, you were born with lots of dark brown hair & dark blue eyes. everyone always tells me how beautiful you are, but i already knew that!

lately, you have been spending a little bit more time awake during the day. only like 20-30 minutes at a time. you are a sleepy girl but i enjoy those moments when you look around the room or look at me, daddy or Jack. you are a very gassy baby & that has been your biggest struggle so far. the gas makes it hard for you to get to sleep or get comfortable & i feel so bad for you! i will be so glad when you outgrow it. you love to be swaddled tight or wrapped up really good in a blanket when you nap. you have a really distinct cry, it almost sounds like you are hoarse, daddy says you sound like a little duck! you wear a size newborn diaper & preemie clothing but you are starting to fit into some newborn stuff. you love your paci but aren't very good at holding it in your mouth yet. one major difference we have noticed between you & Jack is that you love to be warm, really warm. you sleep best when you are swaddled & then wrapped in an extra blanket. but Jack always loved to be cooler, he would kick off all his covers no matter how hard i tried to keep him warm. i wonder what else will be different about you two?!

we have put our lives on hold the past few weeks b/c we don't really want to get you out in public very much. you are so small & we don't want you to catch anything especially since its cold & flu season. sometimes we feel cabin fever but its worth it to make sure you are healthy. when we feel the need to get out we just load you & Jack in your car seats & drive around. you don't enjoy this b/c you hate the car seat!

we love you so much Jovie. you are a joy & a blessing in our lives. we can't imagine life without you & we are so excited to watch you grow & learn. we know the Lord has great plans for your life & we are praying that you serve Him all of your days.

Happy 1 month sweetheart!!


Ashley Fisher :) said...

sooo sweet! She is just beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!!

Ben and Audrey said...

love you & can't wait for you to meet her too! will ya'll be down here anytime soon?