Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!!

we had a pretty low key Vday this year. Jovie is only 3 weeks old, so we couldn't do much getting out & about. we had a fun Sunday at home though. Jack & I made Ben some devil's food cupcakes & we had a blast. later this week, Ben & I are getting to have a late Valentine's date & i'm so excited for some time out of the house with my love. yay! i am so thankful to have 3 wonderful valentines this year, they are the loves of my life & i am so blessed!!

here a few pics of me & Jack whippin up some cupcake goodness:

he wanted my mixing spoon but i wouldn't let him have it so i gave him a regular clean spoon & said "don't drop this in the bowl" & of course as soon as i turned my head, he dropped it right in the batter & then touched it to his face & everything else within his reach! owell, at least he had fun!


he was so excited that i gave him the spoon!

it was a tad bit messy!

he sure did a good job of getting the batter everywhere...

you must lick every inch of the spoon!

i think he loved it!

the final product. devil's food cupcakes with cream cheese icing! so yumm.

my littlest valentine. she was sad she couldn't have a cupcake!

hope you all had a special Valentine's Day with the ones you love!

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