Friday, February 26, 2010

Bloggie Award!!

YAY!! my first blog award. thanks to sweet Amanda! i don't really know why she chose my blog, maybe she just likes reading about my adorable kiddos! but its fun to hear that someone likes my blog & nice to know that someone else is reading it. sometimes i feel like i'm writing for just myself, but i'm ok with that. i'm doing this to keep an online scrapbook about my family not necessarily for a huge fan base, Lord knows i'm no Kelly! anyways, thanks Amanda!! i'm flattered & excited to receive this little award!

check out Amanda's blog. she has 3 adorable kiddos & always has something encouraging to say that challenges my walk with t he Lord. i nominate Lindsay, Audra, Kacie, Brittany, Kayla, Ashley, Katie, Dina & Shannon.

here are the rules:
post it on your blog & then link to anyone you want to give the award to, just because you like to read their blog! what a fun way to share the blogs we love!

Thanks, Amanda!

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