Monday, March 1, 2010

Kreativ Bloggie Award

thanks to my friend, Shannon, i now have my 2nd bloggie award. look out people. i'm taking over. i'm so excited b/c this award is fun, you get to tell 7 random things about yourself. i love reading this kind of stuff about other people. so thanks Shannon! you're the best!

here are the rules for the award:
1. post the award
2. thank the person who gave you the award
3. tell 7 things that people may not know about you
4. pass the award along to 7 friends
5. notify them that they have won

here are my 7 things:

1. i am a baby. i'm serious. i have 0 pain tolerance. i've actually gotten a little stronger since i've had 2 kids via c-section, but i'm still pretty ridiculous. some of you already knew this about me.

2. i HATE & i mean HATE mayonnaise. the very thought of it grosses me out. i don't want it on anything i eat, i don't want to touch it or even smell it. i do cook with it in 1 recipe and if that dish weren't divinely delish, i would never even buy it. (well maybe i would b/c the hubs loves it) eewww. and thanks to Britt, my loving friend who likes to gross me out, the thought of it, along with something else (i dare not mention) caused me to pull over on the side of the road & puke when i was 17 weeks pregnant with Jack. i'm still holding a grudge. a little.

3. i am a laundry nazi. i do laundry every single day. most days, at least 2 loads. one reason is b/c i have 2 small kids that go through clothes like crazy. another reason is b/c my husband changes clothes like 2 or 3 times a day. he's worse than my kids! and the last reason is b/c my biggest pet peeve is a laundry basket full of dirty clothes. i don't know why, but it grosses me out & drives me crazy. i can't let it sit for more than 1 day. i just can't. my hubby makes fun of me b/c he'll put a shirt on in the morning, get it dirty, take it off in the afternoon & its back in his drawer, clean, by bed time. maybe i have a problem.

4. part of me, and only a part, misses being pregnant. i don't know what it is, but i enjoy it. well most of it. i know, i'm insane. let the stone throwing begin. i'm excited to have a 3rd baby, MUCH later on down the line. i've even started thinking of baby names, got the boy name, still working on the girl name BUT it will NOT happen this year or in the next 15 months. it will not. so brittany, stop laughing.

5. i love flying. i know thats weird too but i love being in airports & traveling. its so fun to me. except the part where my ears pop on the plane. we're flying in July, down to Florida & i can't wait. we'll see how much i like it after i fly with 2 kids!

6. i hate shopping. for myself. i rarely buy myself clothes, makeup, shoes, purses. whatever. i just hate spending the money on myself. i'm definitely not bragging its just that ever since i went to Haiti in high school, i have a hard time spending money on me when i know it could be used on other things. just recently my hubby took me out & made me spend some money on clothes & some new shoes for myself and i hated it. but i do love to buy for my kids, our home or my hubby. or traveling. so, i'm definitely not perfect!

7. i can not bend 6 of my toes. so weird. ben gets a big kick out of it.

ok. now that i've given you 7 reasons to poke at me, i must nominate 7 people so that i can make fun of them! so i choose:

1. Brittany. i know so much about her. but she is hilarious. and definitely someone i can tell anything to.

2. Audra. my new found mommy friend. we are so much alike & i love reading about little Drew & her adventures in raising him!

3. Lindsay. my sweet little sister. i know everything about her but i think you would enjoy reading about her little quirks. she's adorable.

4. Katie. my littlest & silliest sister. she is in her own world all the time & i love it!!

5. Kayla. my cute friend who is planning her wedding. she is a trip. and very new to blogging.

6. Rachel. love her blog. her kids are the cutest & she is so funny!

7. Jessica. her boys are too cute and her #3 is on the way! we are friends from way back when & i just love her to pieces.

ok people. get to work!


Dina said...

I HATE mayo too and really all condiments. They gross me out! Unfortunately I don't have a problem shopping for myself.

Audra Laney said...

Thanks, girl! I'm SO behind on having time to blog. I'll do my best to remember to catch up on this! Thank you again! So sweet! :)