Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

finally!!! after several "warnings" from mr. weatherman, we finally got some snow!! the schools already had several snow days stacked against them for only a few little flurries but today, we got TONS of snow!! and it was great! Jovie & I had a rough night last night & i was up, a lot, pacing the floors of the house, trying to soothe & calm my girl. usually, when this happens, i peep out the windows but this time i didn't. when i finally was able to get us both to sleep, Ben woke us up at about 8:30 am. he said "we had a blizzard!!" he said that he was about to take Lola out to pee when he looked outside and saw a blanket of snow covering everything. it was beautiful. we got about 7 inches!! so, we bundled up ourselves & Jack & headed out to play, for a few minutes. Jovie, of course, stayed inside!

Jack wasn't too sure about the snow. he didn't hate it & never cried but he certainly wasn't loving it. he just sort of sat there & looked around. he did have fun when Ben would throw the snow at Lola or when Ben would toss him up in the air. basically, as long as Ben was holding him, he loved it! i got some cute pictures before i had to run back in to soothe my screaming hungry girl.

we had a fun morning playing but the best part was being stuck in the house as a family. we were able to relax, watch movies, nap & head to bed early. thats a great day in my book!! here a few pictures of our snow day:

our little home covered in white.

all bundled up & ready to go play

not too sure about what's going on!

my 2 favorite boys

just chillin!

my little snow monkey!

having fun with dada

gotta love that little grin. dada always makes everything fun!

this is how Jovie spent her time while we played! poor girl! don't worry, i picked her up immediately & fed her. then she slept like a baby!

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