Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Day

ok. so i'm slightly behind posting about our Memorial Day. oh well. better late than never. that seems to be a motto way too popular with me lately!

we had a super fun Memorial Day. we had lunch with Ben's parents. his brother, Tripp & his fiancee, Cris & her 2 boys cooked out with us too. it was really yummy & a lot of fun. after lunch, we headed home to pick up a few things & then we headed straight to my parents house. my dad boiled crawfish with corn & potatoes. and my brother-in-law, Ryan, grilled up some deer meat. i am NOT a fan or crawfish or deer meat. so i brought along my trusty ole Alabama BBQ chicken & Ryan grilled it up for me. it was delish. we spent the evening relaxing & enjoying our family.

somehow, i only got pictures at my parent's house. i didn't take a single one at Ben's parents. probably b/c our camera is completely broken & so i've only been able to take pictures with my iphone for the past 2 months. not fun. but money is ridiculously tight right now. so the iphone is the best i can do for now. i'm trying to take as many pics as i can with it, but 1/2 of them don't turn out super great. whatever. hopefully, we'll be able to get a new camera before the end of the summer.

we had a really fun & really relaxing Memorial Day. holidays with family are the best. we look forward to them!

here a few pics from our day:

the crawfish. if you ask me, this could not look more disgusting!

the sausage, corn & potatoes that my dad boiled with the crawfish. corn & potatoes=yumm. sausage=not yumm. not a fan of sausage, in any form.

the men. doing some grilling. of some deer meat. of which i am also, not a fan!! i promise i'm not picky!! (ok, so the deer meat wasn't so bad!)

Katie ate up some crawfish. i am ashamed to say that both my sisters have gone to the dark side.

Lindsay sucking that crawfish right out of the shell. gross.

Jack LOVES to play with his Uncle Tommy

and Jovie LOVES to play with her Lolli

Jack "helping" us unload the dishwasher

Jack loved Poppa's homemade strawberry ice cream!

and of course Poppa & Lolli let him eat as much as he wanted!!

we had a great day. Happy Memorial Day!

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