Friday, July 2, 2010

Short Break

i love blogging. its such a release for me, a way to express my feeling about my kids, my sweet hubby, life as a stay at home mom & our day to day experiences. but sometimes i feel like i spend too much time reading blogs & thinking about what to put on my blog. i know i have like 2 readers, so i'm ok with posting at my convenience.

we are spending this week in Ft Myers, FL. Ben's older brother, Tripp, is getting married tomorrow night. we are so thrilled for him. and of course, who doesn't love having to spend a week in Florida?! i'll make that sacrifice any day! while we are here, i want to enjoy the time with my family. i plan on taking Jack for long walks outside, taking my kids to the pool, going to the hot tub with Ben each night, playing card games & eating some yummy food. i don't want to think about blogging. i will definitely blog about our trip when we get home. i want to document it for my sake.

we just have so much going on this summer. so busy. so busy. but i want to enjoy my husband & my children. they are way better than blogging. i might sneak a few pics on facebook (for my family) and i might read a couple blogs now & then. but i won't be posting anything for about 2 weeks. i just want to spend every free moment with my family. life goes too fast! and summer will be over before we know it!

happy 4th of July, hope you get to spend it with the ones you love!

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