Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy Summer Days?!

(i started this post back on June 4th. and i'm just now finishing it & adding pictures. pitiful, i know. but i have been SO busy. i mean not just "we have a lot going on" busy but "slow down, right now, or i'll scream" busy. so, any time i get to sit down for longer than 5 minutes, blogging just isn't top priority!)

i only wish that we were enjoying those lazy hazy days of summer. so far, we have had a super busy summer. whenever i think things might slow down for us, it seems that they only pick up. crazy. we have so much going on right now. in the next 6 weeks, we have 5 family birthdays, 2 trips, 3 wedding showers, 2 weddings, a wedding reception, father's day & on top of that, we're moving & working on our church plant, reVision. and then its fall, which is also turning out to be booked. i just might get a few gray hairs this year!

in the midst of our craziness, we have managed to have a few "down" days as a family. we've taken Jack swimming & to the splash park several times & he LOVES it. Jovie actually got in the pool for the first time this month & she did great. she splashed & "talked" the entire time! we've had some days of just relaxing at home or taking walks in the park. i appreciate these times so much. they make all the stress so worth it.

i'm pretty tired, so instead of doing anymore rambling, i'll just leave you with some pics of my way too adorable children. they are the best. really, the best. enjoy the cuteness.

what we've been up to so far, this summer:

family date night for pizza & Muddy's.

testing out the new family toy, our double stroller!

playing with dada's golf clubs. Jack looks tiny!!

chasing geese & playing at the park

a few trips to see Dr Bubba for check ups & strep throat with scarlet fever. (ugh)

drinking lemonade from a water gun thanks to dada!

making new friends

a little sun bathing & swimming

eating on the back porch

community bath time. makes the job quicker for me & they LOVE it!

playing on the floor in the bathroom while mommy steals a much needed hot shower

mornings at the splash park

all of this craziness has left my children doing this:

sleep, babies, sleep.

i still have so much to blog about: memorial day, our play date with Annabelle, Jovie's first taste of rice cereal & our new adventure: reVision church (our church plant!) but for now, i will go to bed. is it fall yet?!

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